O.J. Simpson's Attorney Calls Goldmans 'Greedy' and Fred 'Plantation Master' In Twitter Tirade

O.J. Simpson attends his parole hearing with his attorney Malcolm LaVergne on July 20, 2017 in Lovelock, Nevada. LaVergne recently bashed the Goldman family on Twitter as "professional victims." Jason Bean/Getty Images

O.J. Simpson's lawyer called Fred Goldman, father to slain Ron, and his family "greedy" as well as a "plantation master" eager to obtain settlement money from the former NFL player during a Twitter tirade this week. The lawyer also engaged in a social media battle with Kim Goldman, Fred's daughter.

The attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, first chided the Goldmans, who won a civil suit against Simpson in 1997 and have sought payment ever since, by questioning their motives more than 20 years since Ron Goldman's death.

"Money money money money. I've heard the Greedy Goldmans talk about money a thousand times since they came on my radar screen in July, but only heard them mention that poor, dead kid Ron a few times. Go figure. M," LaVergne tweeted according to legal news site Law and Crime.

Money money money money. I’ve heard the Greedy Goldmans talk about money a thousand times since they came on my radar screen in July, but only heard them mention that poor, dead kid Ron a few times. Go figure. M. https://t.co/TNtscKT5S3

— Malcolm LaVergne (@SinCityAttorney) November 21, 2017

Simpson, who recently was paroled after serving nine years in prison on armed robbery and other charges, was acquitted of criminal murder charges in 1995 after prosecutors claimed he killed ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

However, a little more than two years after he dodged the criminal charges, Simpson was found liable for the deaths of Brown and Goldman and ordered to pay $25 million in punitive damages to their surviving families.

Simpson, though, moved his assets to Florida, where they can't be confiscated by creditors, according to Law and Crime, while the Goldmans continue to fight for the settlement money.

That led LaVergne to compared the Goldmans' behavior to that of the Brown family while calling the Goldmans bullies who attempt to "monetize" any situation.

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The Goldmans are professional, public figure, victims. They invite criticism with their media tactics. Do you see me criticizing Sharon Rufo or the Browns? No! Think what you want. M. https://t.co/JRDPmFWNFD

— Malcolm LaVergne (@SinCityAttorney) November 21, 2017

Everything else. Everything else. The Goldmans of 1994 through circa 2005-6, are not the Goldmans of today. The Goldmans I've dealt with since July are bullies, make threats, and look for any and every opportunity to monetize this entirely bizarre situation. M.

— Malcolm LaVergne (@SinCityAttorney) November 22, 2017

Kim Goldman defended her father Thursday, telling LaVergne to "get off Twitter" and leave her out of his timeline.

Oh and calling my father a Slave Master isn't slanderous .... and all the other lies you've been spreading? You @SinCityAttorney are a special kind of something to be that insensitive. Get off Twitter and stop including me in these disgusting tweets. https://t.co/KJXF66W8EW

— Kim Goldman (@KimEGoldman) November 23, 2017

Still, LaVergne only further continued his comments against the Goldmans and patriarch Fred.

No, it’s not, Wacky Kim. Fair commentary re: Plantation Master Fred’s (and your) remarks toward Simpson as a human being with rights under the law. Simpson is no saint, but your actions are specifically designed to dehumanize while profiting at the same time. Hence, slavery. M. https://t.co/5PRvGXIVQk

— Malcolm LaVergne (@SinCityAttorney) November 23, 2017

Kim Goldman then repeated claims that Simpson committed the murders more than two decades ago and that he was, in fact, "no saint."

No saint is right. Brutally stabbing two humans disqualifies him from that. Please remove me from your disgusting commentary (aka LIES!) about my family. Be better Malcolm, you have time. https://t.co/XjNzzqBjEq

— Kim Goldman (@KimEGoldman) November 23, 2017

Simpson has long maintained he did not kill Brown and Ron Goldman while vowing to bring those responsible to justice.

The former NFL star and Heisman Trophy winner's acquittal in 1995 wrapped up what became one of the most talked about and covered trials in the country's history. The trial and subsequent fallout became the subject of numerous books, documentaries and television dramas.

Simpson's murder trial was pegged against a very racially divided Los Angeles following riots in 1992 after four policemen accused of assaulting Rodney King were also acquitted of wrongdoing.