Man Confesses To Murder of Mother To 'Teach Her a Lesson,' Say Police

A man arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman said he had carried out the killing "to teach her a lesson," police in Oklahoma have reported.

Shane Dale Perosi allegedly confessed to shooting Martika Ferguson dead, saying he was glad to have killed the woman, the police report stated.

The 27-year-old was found lying in an alleyway in the city of Enid. She is reported to have an eight-year-old son.

A SWAT Team served a no-knock warrant at the suspect's home where investigators found evidence related to the murder, police said.

In a statement, police said: "Sunday afternoon, officers responded to a report of a woman found lying in the north alleyway of the 700 block of West Nagel. Officers arrived and found Ferguson had been shot and was dead. Detectives were called to the scene and began their investigation.

"About 2 p.m. Tuesday, officers and members of the department's SWAT team served a no-knock search at 601 W. Rush. During the service of the search warrant, evidence related to the murder was found inside the residence.

"During an interview with Perosi, he confessed he shot and killed Ferguson. Perosi said he'd done so to teach her a lesson. During his booking at Garfield County Detention Facility, Perosi again reiterated he had murdered Ferguson and said he was glad he'd done so.

"The investigation of Ferguson's murder is ongoing."

Shane Dale Perosi
Shane Dale Perosi, who Enid Police Department detectives arrested on Tuesday night in connection to the murder of 27-year-old Martika Ferguson. Enid Police

Effie Ferguson, the victim's mother, told News9: "All of my family has been calling and coming over.

"That kind of lets you know it's real and it has to be coped with.

"My first thought was are they going to come after us?" said Ferguson. "Who are they after? What could she have done that was so awful that they would just shoot her? She wasn't an awful girl."

Captain Scott Miller, of the Enid Police Department, complimented the officers and detectives for their "tireless work" on the investigation.

"They did a very good job, were very persistent and conducted a non-stop investigation," he said.

"They brought closure to the victim's family and have made our community safer with the arrest of their suspect."

The police statement added: "Over the past three days, the detective division worked more than 280 total hours investigating the case, not including the hours worked by patrol officers and the department's crime scene technician.