Woman Performs 'Embarrassing' Tasks in Public To Show 'No One Really Cares'

TikToker @holamiday, real name Olamide, is on a mission to show her followers they shouldn't be embarrassed to do anything because "no one actually cares."

The series, titled "Hola Dares," sees Olamide take suggestions from her 100,000 followers on what task she should do next, with them suggesting the things they get embarrassed about.

On May 12, Olamide shared a video in which she went shopping on Oxford Street in London wearing pajamas and a robe. In just over a day the TikTok has amassed over 460,000 views. During the clip, she even visits a luxury Chanel store and tries on a £3,210 bag, while still in her pajamas.

"I got amazing service in my PJs, as you can see no one actually cares, no one looks," she confirmed in the video.

Other TikToks range from going all-out and dancing "like Chris Brown" in public to simply eating out in a restaurant alone—something many find difficult to do. In what is both comforting and humbling news, the "embarrassing" tasks rarely get a second look from passers-by, proving that no one actually cares.


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Olamide told Newsweek the videos came from her own frustrations at herself. "I was out one day and wanted to take some pictures of my outfit but felt a bit shy. I got annoyed at myself because I realized, if this is what I enjoy doing, why should I care about what strangers think of me?"

"So I asked someone to film my rant to express my frustration," she continues, referring to a video in which she asks a stranger to record her and vents about feeling embarrassed.

"A lot of people experience social anxiety simply due to fear of judgment and overthinking and I knew I wasn't alone and wanted to encourage others to be more confident in whatever it is they choose to do," says Olamide.


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She certainly isn't alone either. A 2013 study by Wakefield Research found that one-in-three people aged 18-32 encounter more than three uncomfortable social situations each week.

Olamide's eating alone video in particular struck a chord with viewers who commented that they struggle to do it. "I get embarrassed to even order food alone," wrote one user.

"I want people to really introspect and think about the reasons why they don't dress how they want to, try things they've always wanted to do or build that hobby into a business, simply because of fear of judgment," says Olamide to Newsweek.

"At the end of the day, they'll look, stare, comment or maybe they won't, as my videos show, but it's crazy to think about how much fear of judgment from strangers or people we know limits us from reaching our full potential and stops us from doing what makes us happy."

Eating alone in a restaurant is one thing, but body popping with buskers in a prime tourist location is another, so where does she find the confidence? "I'm someone who was brought up to be confident in themselves and not be fazed by the latest trends or conforming to the standards of what others want me to do, but to embrace my individuality. We were all born different for a reason," explains Olamide.

Woman embarrassed in public place
Woman embarrassed in public place. A TikToker is attempting embarrassing tasks in public to prove no one actually cares. Getty Images. Getty Images