Elderly Couple's Raunchy Dance Duet Goes Viral

It has been a tough 14 months for everyone, but especially for the elderly.

Those over a certain age have had to be extra precautious when it comes to shielding from COVID as they are very likely to be in a high-risk category.

That is why when a video surfaced online of an older couple dancing their worries away, the internet reacted with delight.

The clip, which has now been viewed over 39.9 million times on TikTok, shows Cuban couple Celina and Filiberto boogying in front of an outdoor stage—putting younger people to shame.

The woman, who is wearing a form-fitting purple dress with a matching long cardigan and sandals, is shaking her hips opposite her partner Filberto, who is wearing suit trousers and a flamboyant gold and purple shirt.

The grandparents are shimmying to the music, and at one point Filberto even gets impressively low, thrusting forwards and backwards, before leaping up to continue his moves.

Their impressive dancing has received over 3.4 million likes, and the video is captioned: "It's Friday and the body knows it."

Many have flooded the comments section, sharing their thoughts on the cheering clip which was posted on April 30.

One TikTok user, Janet_dee, typed: "If this ain't me & my husband in the future then I don't want it."


It's Friday and the body knows it 💃🕺🔥🍾 Es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe @daddyyankee #gcc #ganasconcanas #livelifetothefullest #livelife #share

♬ original sound - ganasconcanas

Another person, user2431950515485, wrote: "I adore them. They're living life to the fullest. Love their energy and flavor."

A third, Dorie, added: "Good for them. I'm half their age and my knee pops when I stand up."

A fourth social media user, SweetAssasin26, commented: "If the love ain't like this I don't want it!!!!"

While a fifth, darleneoctavia, exclaimed: "They're not even a bit stiff!! Please let me be like this when I'm older."

But if you think you recognize the dancing duo, you may have seen their America's Got Talent audition back in 2018.

The pair, who were 66 and 70 at the time, wowed the crowds with their raunchy performance, dancing along to Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo.

At one point Filberto even got down on the grounded and did some pelvic thrusts which delighted the audience, but former Spice Girl Mel B, not so much.

She gave them a red buzzer, but they managed to get through to the next round.

However, due to the competitive nature of the program, they did not make it through to the live shows.

Even so, the pair now have over 5.1 million likes on TikTok, so they seem to be doing alright!

old couple
A stock image of an elderly man and a woman holding hands. In the viral video, the grandparents were dancing their socks off. Getty Images