'Old' Ending: Is There A Post-Credit Scene?

Old follows a group of people who find themselves trapped on a terrifying beach, which forces them to prematurely age incredibly quickly.

Of course, no M Night Shyamalan film is as simple as that, and the ending of Old reveals more about what is really going on.

Plot twists are expected from the director, and in some of his previous movies like Split, a post-credit scene helped to explain more about what's happening.

Unlike Marvel, these scenes are not expected, unless Old is the beginning of a new trilogy or small franchise from the director, as was the case for Split.

PLEASE NOTE: Ahead are spoilers for Old

Is There An End-Credit Scene in Old?

There is not a scene after the credits roll in Old.

When it came to Split, there was a post-credit scene to lead into the next film coming up in the trilogy, Glass.

Before that point, it was not clear that Split was part of a trilogy at all, but the arrival of Samuel L. Jackson's Glass connected the film to Unbreakable and led into the film which followed.

The lack of post-credit scene after Old suggests this film will be a standalone movie, though some tropes connect it to previous films of Shyamalan's.

Like all of his films, the director appears in a cameo in the movie, and a major plot twist changes the context of the film entirely.

The Ending of Old Explained

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In Old, the characters find themselves on a beach after their hotel suggested they take some time to relax away from the other guests.

The private beach quickly turns from paradise to hell on earth when a body washes up on the shore.

Suddenly, the children begin to age quickly, and over time it becomes clear this beach is causing those on it to age very fast, meaning they live years of their lives in just a few hours.

Over their day on the beach, they realize they have been chosen due to their various medical conditions, each of which cause them different issues.

One of these is the doctor, Charles (played by Rufus Sewell) whose schizophrenia leads him to become violent as his condition deteriorates over time.

The main family of the island sticks together before the parents (Gael García Bernal and Vicky Krieps) succumb to old age on the beach.

This leaves their children Maddox and Trent, who by the end of the movie are in their 50s (the older versions of the children are played by Emun Elliot and Embeth Davidtz.)

Trent, on remembering his fellow six-year-old friend at the resort gave him a code to crack, realizes they may be able to escape if they make their way through the coral on the sea to return to the hotel.

At first, the man watching those on the beach (Shyamalan in a cameo role) believes them dead, and returns to the resort.

It is here when the twist is revealed: they were part of a clinical trial to test medicines.

Their medicines were given to them in the form of a cocktail on their arrival, and the advanced time caused by the magnetism of the rocks on the beach means a drug can be tested over years in a single afternoon.

A laboratory full of scientists is shown, with them all mixing up cocktails of different drugs to test on unsuspecting holidaymakers.

However, it seems the man watching did not look closely enough, and Trent and Maddox arrive at the resort and find a police officer, and quickly the testing site is brought down.

Old is in movie theaters from July 23