Olympia Boy, 6, Brutally Beaten After Standing Up to Bullies for His Friend

Six-year-old Carter English sustained serious injuries in a fall. He told police he was beaten up by a group of bullies. GoFundMe

The six-year-old victim of a group beating has been left with a broken arm, lacerated eye and bruises across his body and face.

Carter English, of Olympia in Washington state, was beaten up by a group of bullies around the same age as him. They reportedly turned their attention to Carter after he stepped in and told them to stop harassing his friend.

Carter confronted the group near his apartment complex on Wednesday. "They were just bullying him, like beating him up," Carter said. "I just told them to stop… and then they did it to me.

On Friday, Carter left Harborview Medical Center following surgery to repair his eye. His mother, Dana English, described the situation as "hell. I haven't slept. I haven't eaten. I can't do anything. I can't even leave his side."

According to Komo News, the bullies beat Carter with rocks and sticks before rubbing sawdust in his eyes. The leader of the seven boys, a five-year-old, is being investigated by police. There will likely be no criminal convictions because of the bully's young age.

"I really don't know what I'm hoping for other than for people to know that this is not acceptable," Dana English said. "Bullying is not okay. There's no reason to bully someone ever."

A GoFundMe page set up to raise money for the English family's medical bills has exceeded $30,000. The goal was to raise $5,500. The page was started by family friend Karen Christine Friebe.

"He is a very smart boy and loves video games, playing with his friends and being with his family," Friebe wrote. "What happened to him wasn't okay and the police are not stopping until they catch the kids that did this to him. This Go Fund Me account is to help his mom with medical bills and gas money.

More than 900 people have donated to the GoFundMe account at the time of writing.

"Sweetie I'm praying for your quick recovery," one donator said. "You are my little hero. I'm sending you a great big hugs and kisses to make all your owies go away."

"Just wanted to say awesome job little man," another person wrote. "Doing the right thing hurts sometimes but don't ever let it stop you. Courage is being scared to death but doing it anyway, and man did you show it. Good luck and God bless!"

Olympia Boy, 6, Brutally Beaten After Standing Up to Bullies for His Friend | U.S.