OMG! Grey's Anatomy Finale Mystery SOLVED!

Last night, about 11 minutes into the season finale of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," the Chief surprises Dr. Bailey with a DaVinci Surgical System. In an effort to keep her from decamping from general surgery to pediatric surgery, he tempts her with the chance to perform a cutting-edge procedure. "You know, Doctor Chalikonda at Cleveland Clinic is doing single incision gallbladder removal through the belly button," he says. "Why should Dr. Chalikonda have all the fun?"

If you're like me, you spent the rest of the show wondering, "Who is this mysterious Dr. Chalikonda? Does he exist? Can he really perform a minimally-invasive gallbladder removal surgery through the navel such that there's almost no scarring and less patient discomfort?"

The answer, surgery fans, is YES. After a few furtive early-morning phone calls, my moles at the Cleveland Clinic confirm: Dr. Sricharan Chalikonda is a general surgeon at the Clinic. Says my source, "He uses the robot for many procedures that used to be done via open surgery so that we have minimally invasive options for patients, and yes, one of them is single port gall bladder removal." Apparently, Dr. Chalikonda was in surgery last night while the finale was airing, and only found out about his star turn sometime before 8.30 am this morning while in the O.R. (This also means Dr. C works crazy long hours).

So there you have it! Mystery solved. Take that, Ausiello.

On a more serious note, I know some fans were disappointing by the non-wedding wedding of lead couple Meredith and Derrick. (They wrote their vows on a post-it note, then signed the note). In the interview linked to above, showrunner Shonda Rhimes said that no-fuss nuptials were appropriate for a woman like Meredith, and seemed to indicate that no future wedding will take place (though she is pretty wily, that Shonda). Perhaps the writers plan to use this plot point as a way to address the potential legal and medical complications that arise when your marriage isn't recognized by the state. Any thoughts?

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