Greyhound Bus Driver Forced Gunman Off Vehicle After He Opened Fire in the Middle of the Night, Leaving One Dead and Five Wounded

A Greyhound bus driver forced a gunman off the vehicle in the middle of the night. The gunman left one person dead and five others wounded, authorities said.

California Highway Patrol said the bus was traveling north along Interstate 5 near Fort Tejon when a man opened fire at around 1.30 a.m., reported NBC Bay Area.

The bus had been carrying about 40 passengers as it headed from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early hours of Monday morning.

CHP communications supervisor Steve Loftus told NBC News police started getting calls from passengers on the bus around 1.30 a.m. The bus had departed Los Angeles around an hour before the gunfire began.

CHP spokesperson Sgt. Brian Pennings said the bus driver managed to get the shooter off the bus and then pulled off the freeway at the next exit (via The Associated Press).

"We're grateful that the bus driver acted quickly," Pennings said.

The unidentified suspect has been taken into custody.

CHP said the suspect boarded the bus in Los Angeles, but authorities are not sure where he is from originally. No further details about the suspect have been released and it was not immediately clear what prompted him to start shooting.

KABC reported the bus left the freeway at the Grapevine Road exit and parked at a Valero gas station. Those who were not injured were picked up by another Greyhound bus, according to the station.

Six passengers with gunshot wounds were taken to hospital, and one has since died. Details about the conditions of the other five victims were not immediately available.

The California Highway Patrol, the Kern County Sheriff's Office and Greyhound have all been contacted for additional comment.

The shooting comes just weeks after another Greyhound bus was pulled over in California when authorities received reports of a passenger with a gun.

The bus had been traveling along Highway 70 towards Sacramento on January 9 when the emergency call came in about the alleged firearm.

CHP officers pulled the vehicle over in Marysville and evacuated all passengers, who then stood with their hands up as officers searched them for the reported gun But no weapon was found and all passengers, including the one who called 911, got back on board and continued on their journey.

Stock photo. One person has died and five others have been wounded after a man opened fire on a Greyhound bus. Getty