One Kitten's Sweet Story of Recovery Viewed 20 Million Times

A kitten's journey of recovery after living on the streets has captured the attention of the internet.

In a now-viral TikTok video that has been viewed more than 20 million times, the story of Mango's rescue was posted by user @lalibae_ and people can't get enough of the kitten's progress.

The video begins with TikToker @lalibae_ finding Mango in her backyard. With the song When She Loved Me by Rosalind playing in the background, Mango can be seen cowering and then hissing when @lalibae_ approached him with food. However, he eventually let her pet his head and even pick him up.

After letting @lalibae_ pick him up, the video showed Mango being cuddled while the overlay text read, "Hungry, scared and full of fleas." Although @lalibae_ wrote on the video that they were not sure what to do with Mango, they then proceeded to remove the fleas with a tweezer "one by one."

Once the fleas were removed, Mango is then seen enjoying some milk from a syringe as the text read "He was starving."

Eventually, Mango is seen warming up to his new surroundings and meeting the dogs of the family.

After a "First vet visit," Mango is seen eating and cuddling with @lalibae_ and the other dogs, while the overlay text read, "Slowly starting to trust us."

The number of feral cats in the United States isn't exactly known, but according to the National Feline Research Council, "the best available estimate suggests that the population is probably about 32 million, roughly 76 percent of whom live in urban areas."

A tabby shorthair cat
Mango's story of recovery has gone viral on TikTok with more than 20 million views. Here, a tabby shorthair cat is pictured (not Mango). MARY SWIFT/GETTY

Later in the video viewers are able to watch Mango transform from a scared kitten to a happy and loved cat.

Mango's story has 4.9 million likes on TikTok so far, and people can't stop talking about it. The sweet content has people swooning for the little cat and his story of overcoming his hard beginnings.

"I'm not a cat person, but this makes me want one," one commenter said.

One user admitted to watching the entire video, which is almost three minutes long. "Did I watch this whole thing? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes," they said.

"This video deserves an award," one viewer pointed out. "Felt like a movie."

While another user said it's a "better love story than 'Twilight.'"

"Nobody understands how much I cried watching this," another commenter said.

Others had comments like, "This video made me very emotional," and, "I felt like I just watched a Disney movie."

Mango has grown since the video was made, and he's now a happy cat living his best life if his owner's TikTok account is anything to go on.