One-Legged Man Adopts Three-Legged Dog, Leaving Internet in Tears

A video of a dog with three legs being adopted from an animal shelter by a man with a prosthetic leg has gone viral online, with many stating it made them cry.

In the footage shared to TikTok by Inland Valley Humane Society a German Shepherd with only one front leg can be seen lying on the floor as the overlaid text reads: "This dog came in with a fractured right leg our vet staff had to amputate the leg."

The writing then continues: "After a month won't believe who adopted him. He was so excited to meet his adopter."

The camera then cuts to the adorable canine standing next to a man who is sitting on a bench outside the shelter in Pomona, California.

The man has one of this trousers rolled up so we can clearly see that he has a prosthetic leg.

The video, which can be viewed here, then explains: "This veteran lost his leg during his deployment."

The clip then ends with the two walking out of the gate together and down the road, with the comment: "We wish them the best on their future adventures."

Inland Valley Humane Society captioned the cute footage: "We wish them the best #fyp #foryou #veteran #animalrescue."

Since it was posted to the social media site on July 29 the video has so far been viewed a whopping 8 million times. It has also been liked by more than 2.5 million people.

Many on the app rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the heartwarming clip.

One TikTok user, Jackie.r1627, wrote: "Why this instantly made me cry. I can just tell they're going to have an amazing bond."

Another person, Brandon Popp, added: "Wasn't planning on crying tonight, but here we are."

Statanpulledup commented: "I smiled so big when I saw the adopter and then immediately started crying omg."

Rebecca Pyle stated: "Make this a movie please... their lives leading up to this beautiful moment. Please!"

Tina J-S typed: "How can something so beautiful make me ugly cry?! Love this!!"

M.Art_123 revealed: "I feel like they are going to have the best relationship because if you look they miss two different legs but together they're a whole."

Giovanni Smith explained: "I hardly ever emotional but this actually made me shed a tear!"

Chelsea Parsell joked: "Nothing like a full-on bedtime breakdown. This is beautiful."

In other dog-related news, a man recently was reunited with his long lost dog after spotting the animal on a local news segment after he fell asleep with the television on.

The pet, who had been a gift for his daughter, had been missing for nearly two years, and the emotional reunion was captured on video.

Newsweek have contacted Inland Valley Humane Society.

Dog with three legs
A stock image of a dog who is missing a leg. In a TikTok video a three-legged dog is adopted by a man with a prosthetic limb. Getty Images

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