'One Piece' Chapter 904 Spoilers: The Start of the Wano Arc?

One Piece is about to start a new adventure after the events of the Whole Cake Island arc. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates head into new territory as readers get their hands on Chapter 904.

Here's a recap of what happened in One Piece Chapter 903 to get you up to speed on the events that occurred during this transitional story. A lot more happened during Chapter 903 than readers may have expected, as the Straw Hats got a new crew member and we saw the return of some familiar faces.

SPOILERS! If you haven't caught up with the One Piece manga you may want to turn back. The following will spoil the events of Chapter 903 and 904.

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Shanks makes a surprise cameo in Chapter 903 Fuji TV

One Piece Chapter 903 Recap

itled "Fifth Emperor," this chapter begins on the Sunny as Luffy and Chomper argue with Sanji over whether the cook should throw away a canister given to him by his brother Niji. Niji slipped the canister, the special Vinsmoke Raid Suit that increases a person's battle capabilities, into Sanji's pocket.

Sanji doesn't want it and says that he doesn't want to rely on the power of science. Nami interjects saying that the power of science is what makes her Sorcery Climate Baton work so well. Zeus, Big Mom's cloud companion, appears from Nami's baton and says that he has joined the Straw Hats. Sanji argues with Zeus about who is Nami's first servant.

Suddenly, Carrot tells the crew that the latest newspaper has arrived and the cover story is about Luffy. The crew ask if the paper has Jimbei's location after the last battle but Carrot says the paper only has details about the attack on Big Mom by Luffy, Sanji, Jimbei and Bege, where Luffy is described as the ringleader.

Bounty posters are found inside and Sanji is happy to see his bounty increased to 330 million berries but is sad to see them refer to him as Sanji Vinsmoke. Luffy is also upset to see that his bounty has fallen drastically to 150 million berries.

The rest of the world prepares for the Reverie and we get to see what various territories are doing to prepare for it and their reactions to the latest newspaper.

The Fishman Island territory reads the newspaper and says that they will now get protection from the Straw Hats. The King and his daughter will be heading to the Reverie.

At the Navy, Bege and what we believe to be the other Emperors of the Sea. The paper recounts the battle against Big Mom saying Luffy commands over 5000 men and is the brother of both Ace and Sabo. The paper ends by declaring Luffy the Fifth Emperor of the Sea.

Elsewhere, a ship carrying the royal family of Dressrosa and Prodence are attacked by pirates in a submarine. They launch a torpedo but Koby stops it while the rest of the Navy take out the submarine. Koby reads the newspaper about Luffy and is happy for his friend.

Big Mom reads the paper and is upset that it says she lost to Luffy. She yells that she will get Morgans for this before correcting herself and saying she will get the captain of the Straw Hats. Shanks is seen reading the paper as well and says that he will be meeting Luffy soon.

Back on the Sunny, Brooks reads Luffy's bounty again and says that his captain read it wrong. Luffy's bounty has now gone up to 1.5 billion berries. The chapter ends with the world preparing for the Reverie while Luffy heads to Wano.

One, piece, 904, spoilers, chapter, predictions, manga, release, wano, arc, kaido, monkey, luffy, raw, scan
Will the Straw Hats reunite in Chapter 904? Funimation

One Piece Chapter 904 Spoilers

  • Revolutionary Army moved its headquarter to Kamabakka Kingdom after they lost Baltigo.
  • Dragon decides to declare war against Celestial Dragons in Reverie.
  • Famous four RA commanders appear in Lurucia Kingdom where Pinkbeard is attacking citizens. Pinkbeard is under the umbrella of Blackbeard and has 52 million bounty.
  • The name of the four commanders are revealed.
  • Morley (West Army), Belo Betty (East army), Lindbergh (South Army), Karasu (North Army)
  • Belo Betty encourages the citizens to fight pirates with her DF called Kobu Kobu no mi, meaning encourage-encourage.
  • Lindbergh freezes pirates' pistols with "Cool Shooter". Karas let his crows take away swords from pirates. Citizens grab weapons and fight courageously. As a result, citizens with RA commanders win the fight.
  • Pinkbeard tells them that Blackbeard will get angry, but actually Blackbeard is not a kind of pirates who cares about his defeated subordinates according to Belo.
  • Belo says that they never discard the weak citizens who have the courage to fight.
  • She tells citizens to receive the award from WG about Pinkbeard. She gives a contact paper about RA and tells them to feel free to call RA anytime.
  • The Reverie is two days away

One Piece Chapter 904 Predictions

Now that Chapter 903 has released, speculation and theories about 904 have begun. The last chapter was a transitional story between arcs so 904 will likely begin a new adventure for Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat pirates.

Here are some predictions for what will happen in One Piece Chapter 904.

#1: The Start of the Wano Arc

This has been teased since Chapter 901 when Luffy told Jimbei to meet them at Wano after the battle. The country is currently under the rule of Kaido, who was seen in Chapter 903. Readers should expect Luffy and the crew to make their way to Wano to begin their next adventure to liberate the country.

#2: Reunion with Zoro, Robin and the Others

Many Straw Hats were missing during the Whole Cake Island arc, including Zoro and Robin. They along with Frankie Usopp, Kine'mon, Kanjuro and Raizo went ahead to Wano while Luffy went to save Sanji from Big Mom.

Readers should expect a reunion of some kind. It'll be great to see the other members of the Straw Hats after so long.

One Piece Chapter 904 is set to release in Japan this week and we'll update the story with the details as soon as possible.

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