'One Piece' Chapter 907 Predictions: Will the Secrets of Mary Geoise Be Revealed?

One Piece Chapter 906 continued the long, slow road to the Reverie, but Eiichiro Oda continues to captivate readers with callbacks and enough mystery to get fans talking.

As the participants of the Reverie continue to gather, Oda re-introduced past enemies and introduced a new mystery character who has a connection to Luffy. Will Chapter 907 give readers answers to that mystery? Or will they continue the road to the Reverie?

Update: Chapter 907 has released in Japan. Here's the summary.

Before we get into our predictions, here's a short recap of One Piece Chapter 906.

SPOILERS! If you haven't caught up with the 'One Piece' manga you may want to turn back. The following will spoil the events of Chapter 906 and 907.

'One Piece' Chapter 906 Recap

King Stelly and the Kingdom of Mermen arrive at Mary Geoise, the Reverie location. Underneath the island it's revealed that the automated walkways are powered by slaves.

Rebecca, Vivi and Leo meet inside Mary Geoise and talk about how they're connected to Luffy and the Straw Hats. Shirhoshi joins the group after hearing Luffy's name and they all bond. Sai appears before Wapol approaches the group. Wapol has become the king of a new nation after being dispatched by Luffy in the past.

Dalton and Dr. Kureha interrupt the conversation and readers find out that Dalton became the new king of the land Wapol used to rule. It is now called the Sakura Kingdom.

Under the castle, there's an undersea prison called Impel Down. Doflamingo is seen chained up and asks why Magellani put him in solitary confinement. He wonders if it's to protect him from the assassins who have arrived on the surface to shut him up before he reveals the treasure found in Mary Geoise.

The chapter ends with a mysterious figure holding Luffy's new wanted posted and looking at a straw hat that looks like Luffy's.

Doflamingo in the 'One Piece' anime. Fuji TV

'One Piece' Chapter 907 Predictions

Readers are slowly but surely getting to the start of the Reverie but it doesn't seem Chapter 907 will be the beginning of the meeting. Here are some of our predictions for what will happen in One Piece Chapter 907.

#1: The Secrets of Mary Geoise Discovered

Chapter 906 showed how beautiful Mary Geoise has some dark and ugly secrets, like the slave labor operating the automated walkways. The son of Neptune admitted he had a bad feeling about the place, so it's plausible he'll discover some other secrets about Mary Geoise.

#2: Doflamingo's Assassins Show Up

Doflamingo's appearance in 906 was fascinating, but what he revealed was even more interesting. He mentions assassins arriving in Mary Geoise so expect more from this storyline as readers get closer to the Reverie.

One Piece Chapter 907 is set to release in Japan this week. We'll update this story with details as soon as possible.

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What are you predictions for One Piece Chapter 907? When do you think we'll see Luffy and the gang again? Let us know in the comments section below.