'One Piece' Chapter 909 Predictions: What is the Five Elders' Plan?

Chapter 908 of the One Piece manga marked the beginning of the Reverie. Monarchs from all around the world have come together to discuss issues affecting their kingdoms and the world as a whole. However, it seems that Luffy has become a very popular topic of conversation, and he and his Straw Hat Pirates will likely be brought up again.

Elsewhere, a mysterious new player in the conflict could be a threat to Luffy and potentially the rest of the world.

One Piece Chapter 909 will release in Japan later this week but before it does, here's a recap of what happened in Chapter 908 and our best guesses as to what will happen next.

SPOILERS! If you haven't caught up with the 'One Piece' manga you may want to turn back. The following will spoil the events of Chapter 908 and 909.

one piece anime shanks straw hat
Shanks as he appears in the 'One Piece' anime Fuji TV

'One Piece' Chapter 908 Recap

Inside Pangaea Castle, Shiwahoshi gets her wounds healed by Lady Mansherry as King Neptune thanks the Celestial Dragon, Myosgard, for saving his daughter from St. Charlos in Chapter 907.

Myosgard tells Neptune and the others that, by using his title, he will protect them from any fighting. Princess Vivi asks where her father went, learning from Pell that he went with Admiral Fujitora to have a discussion with King Riku.

At the Celestial Dragon Gate, Queen Dowager tries to go through but is halted by the appearance of an injured St. Charlos. He demands the gate be opened so he can enter the Land of the Gods to get his wounds tended. The gate opens to reveal St. Rosward, another Celestial Dragon and father of Charlos. Dowager stealthily runs past the Celestial Dragons and enters the Land of the Gods.

Rosward rides Kuma, the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom and Warlord of the Sea, who has now become a slave. Charlos says he's envious of his father for having such a strong slave, and meanwhile Dowager is shown hiding out. She transforms into Bonney, and says they will pay for what they did to Kuma.

Underground, Sabo rages for what has happened to Kuma. The other generals of the Resistance claim the World Government used Kuma as an example. Sabo says that they won't be caught, they'll either succeed or die.

The day of the Reverie arrives and the monarchs discuss Wano, Luffy and the Straw Hats. They question whether they should even consider Wano a nation, when the Reverie officially begins.

The Five Elders speak about Cobra, the King of Alabasta, who desires an audience with them. One wonders if Cobra has figured something out that will derail the Reverie. Another says it's been two years since The Paramount War, but the recent Big Mom and Kaido situation has riled up another conflict. A third Elder insists the time for a "great cleansing" has come.

Inside the Chamber of Flowers, we see the mysterious person from Chapter 906 holding Luffy's wanted poster, surrounded by pictures of Luffy and other pirates scattered all over the floor. This person's name is Imu, and upon learning that the Five Elders have arrived, he walks out of the Chamber and sits on the large empty throne King Sterry gazed upon in Chapter 907.

The chapter ends with The Five Elders asking Imu who they should kill next.

'One Piece' Chapter 909 Predictions

Now that the Reverie has finally begun, One Piece Chapter 909 will likely ramp up the reveals and give readers an update on Luffy and the others. Here are some predictions for this week's chapter.

#1: More from the Reverie

Now that the royals of the various kingdoms have come together for the Reverie, Chapter 909 will hopefully give readers more insight into the topics of their conversations. Previous chapters have teased that Luffy's exploits may be brought up, but will the kingdoms get involved with Wano and the conflict between Kaido and Big Mom?

#2: The Resistance Makes their Move

After a few chapters off, Sabo and the Resistance finally showed up in Chapter 908. They are hiding under the castle waiting for something or someone. This could be the chapter that finally shows the Resistance's plan for the Reverie.

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