One Possible Source for Times Square Bomber's Funding: Dad

One of the questions that continues to surround the investigation into the attempted Times Square car bombing: Where did suspect Faisal Shahzad get the financial resources to carry out the attack, including funds he used to travel back and forth to his native Pakistan for what he has told investigators was terrorist training in North Waziristan with the Pakistani Taliban, as well as money he used to buy a sophisticated rifle and the materials—including firecrackers, propane tanks, fertilizer, and a second-hand Nissan Pathfinder? While federal officials have recently conducted raids in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts in an attempt to answer that question, one possible international source has emerged: Shahzad's father.

A senior Western diplomat in Islamabad tells Declassified that sometime just before Shahzad's attempted bombing the would-be terrorist had asked his father, a highly respected former Pakistani Air Vice Marshal named Baharul Haq, to send him money. The ambassador did not know how much money Shahzad asked for or exactly when he asked for it. But Shahzad seems to have burned through a lot of money quite quickly.

One Possible Source for Times Square Bomber's Funding: Dad | U.S.