'One Punch Man' Season 2 Anime Coming April 2019

One Punch Man is coming back for a second season in April 2019, according to an official announcement made Sunday morning. J.C. Staff, the company behind throwing Saitama into the world of anime, held a special event dedicated to the all-powerful superhero. Since the show's highly successful first season released in 2016, rumors have been swirling around about when the show would be coming back from it's over year-long hiatus.

If you haven't already watched One Punch Man, you have a full year to catch up to the rest of us. The show follows Saitama, an average dude, except that he can access a near-unlimited amount of strength. All he wants is to find a real, true opponent that can give him a real fight, which is hard when you can topple buildings with a finger. The show satirizes western super-hero culture like My Hero Academia , but with a lot more tongue-in-cheek humor. The show is one of my absolute favorites and I'm elated to hear that it's coming back.

Though there's been no official announcement as to syndication or simulcast plans, Viz Media released a teaser for the show on Twitter. There will be more "invincible monsters" for Saitama to fight on his quest to become the strongest fighter he can be. It's also unclear how closely the new season will follow One Punch Man's manga roots or how far the story will progress. According to the announcement, familiar characters like Genos and Speed O' Sound Sonic will definitely be making a return

Announcement: The most powerful hero returns! One-Punch Man Season 2 comes April 2019. pic.twitter.com/ZwrCljO7vU

— VIZ (@VIZMedia) August 12, 2018

Hikaru Midorikawa, voice actor for Fate/Zero and Gundam Wing will be making his triumph debut in the series as a "fan-favorite" from the manga.

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