LeBron James Praises Lonzo Ball's 2017 NBA Summer League Shoe Choice—Nike, Not Big Baller Brand

Lonzo Ball scored 36 points in his third NBA Summer League game on Wednesday against the Philadelphia 76ers, seemingly quietening critics who question whether he's poised for NBA stardom.

Watching courtside was a man who knows a little about meeting—and exceeding—expectations: LeBron James.

The Cavs star was present for the Los Angeles Lakers' 103-102 comeback win at Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, in which Ball also posted 11 assists and turned the ball over six times.

James, who left the game with six minutes remaining according to ESPN, didn't just notice Ball's seemingly improved understanding of how to run an NBA offense. He also noticed that the former UCLA standout ditched his Big Baller Brand shoes, choosing a pair of Nike Kobe Bryant Mamba Instincts. On Thursday morning James, a Nike athlete, posted an Instagram video of Ball's shoes from the game, with the caption "Just. Do. It."

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Just. Do. It

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Ball's choice presented a potentially awkward situation for his father LaVar, the founder of Big Baller Brand, who angered James last season with his comments about his children's hunger for success. The Big Baller Brand Twitter page still posted a picture of Lonzo in action, wearing the Nikes rather than the $495 BBB shoes.

James, who signed a lifetime deal with Nike in December 2015, found time to praise Ball's performance. "He [Ball] can really pass it," the Cavs forward said before leaving the game.

"Saw him at halftime," Ball said of James. "It's nice that he came out...Did it inspire me? No. But I hope he saw a good game."