Dinner at Mar-a-Lago: Big Deal or Blown Out of Proportion?
Newsweek Josh Hammer Podcast

Twitter's Ban on Kanye West Violates Its Own Policies

Twitter's decision to ban Kanye West raises interesting issues about freedom of speech. Since both Twitter and West are private citizens, the First Amendment is not directly implicated, but its spirit cannot be ignored.

On Blacks and Jews in the Kanye Era

We have to remember that there are more things that unite us than divide us. Our communities need to make concerted efforts to spend more time together.

Interpol Needs to Stand Up for Itself

The longer that Interpol allows the fig leaf of "political neutrality" to prevent it from challenging repressive regimes, the weaker this important international institution will become.

Protests in China Aren't As Rare As You Think

Over the past weekend, a sensational wave of protests against the regime's COVID-19 restrictions sprang up in cities and at universities across the country, building on months of growing frustration with draconian lockdown measures, and captured the attention of the world.

Leading From the House on Foreign Affairs

Pelosi and Hoyer are, at their core, premier Democratic internationalists who believe in the power of Congress to wage battle against dictators and to act in support of global democracy.