Will Indictment Hurt Trump's 2024 Presidential Run?
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Why the Abraham Accords Are in Danger

UAE President Mohammed Bin Zayed declared that his country can't work together with Israel until the Jewish State's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gains control of the most radical elements in his government.

On Trans Day of Visibility, We Must Fight Anti-Trans Disinformation

From the Conservative Political Action Conference stage to statehouse floors across the country, the far right and Republican Party have manufactured a disinformation and hate speech campaign against transgender people. The false rhetoric they are deploying makes clear their intentions to deny trans people the ability to live safely and freely.

How Will Trump's Indictment Play Out? Look to Israel's Defendant-in-Chief

Many Americans will be asking themselves this weekend how the indictment of former President Donald Trump will influence their country's future. Will he remain one of the two main candidates for the presidency in 2024? They might cast their gaze eastward, to Israel and its own criminal defendant-in-chief, Trump's good buddy Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump's Short-Term Gain Is Republicans' Long-Term Pain

As the waiting game to see if Donald Trump will be indicted in New York, Georgia, or by the Department of Justice (or all three) continues, Trump and his allies have gone into overdrive to push a media narrative that any such indictment would be a political gift to Trump.

The U.S. Is Conflicted on Autocracy

The U.S. doesn't dislike autocracy across the board—it just dislikes autocrats who have drastically different objectives than our own or deliberately seek to undermine U.S. power.

What You Need to Know Before Taking Ozempic

It's reasonable to say that without "anti-obesity" drugs, a minimal reduction in caloric intake and a modest increase in activity will not only deliver results but likely improve upon them significantly.