The Myth of America's Wage Stagnation

What if it turns out that those who aren’t in the top 1 percent or the top 10 percent have benefitted remarkably from globalization and liberalization of regulation?

Kim Jong Un's True Plan for His Nuclear Weapons

Kim’s actions suggest that his real objective is to delay U.S. actions against him until he can build a coercive nuclear weapon force with dozens of ICBMs to directly threaten the United States.
Alan Dershowitz on Kavanaugh Confirmation: No One Won

Alan Dershowitz: No One Won

The media, as has become typical, divided into roaring camps, one of which argued that Kavanaugh could do no wrong, while the other argued that he could do no right.

Kavanaugh and the Bullying Class

The drama that took place in the Kavanaugh-Ford hearings on September 27 was a window into our bullying culture of privileged white men.