Who Will Recall These Strange Times?

The pandemic of 2020 will stand out as an extraordinary period in American history. It will be up to the young among us to explain to future generations how strange it all was.

A Revolution of Love

Americans didn't get what any of us would have wanted this year, but in many ways we got what we needed.

Beat Our Civil Rights Record

It is politically easy for an incoming Democratic team to reject their predecessors' work. What would be remarkable, however, is if they can achieve new victories while also building upon the advances of those who came before.

Crucial Months Ahead for Afghanistan

The road to Afghan peace is ensuring that moderate political leaders in Afghanistan, the ones that have social capital with their constituencies in various parts of Afghanistan, are empowered in the peace process.

A Call for Late Justice for Col. Larry Franklin

The problem with Col. Franklin's plight isn't simply that he is a long-suffering innocent patriot. It's that Col. Franklin was targeted and prosecuted, and his life was destroyed, to advance an anti-Semitic political agenda.

Good Times Are Coming

Vaccines are on the way. Economy is on the up. And who knows, maybe Americans will finally catch up with wearing masks.