Has WW3 Already Started?
By Jason Fields

WW3 Has Already Started

By Jason Nichols

We Are Far From WW3

Newsweek Josh Hammer Podcast

Nuclear Secrets Already Fell Into the Wrong Hands—Trump's

Trump is a living, breathing security hazard, whose opaque finances, history of bankruptcy and shady real estate deals, longstanding business ties with tyrannical regimes, and open fondness for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin make him vulnerable to any and all types of subversion.

Former Federal Prosecutor: A Damning Pattern of Facts Against Trump

A week after the unprecedented search warrant to retrieve classified documents stashed at former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago club, the critical looming question is why did Trump conceal highly sensitive national security information even after he received a grand jury subpoena for them?

Taiwan Can't Be Allowed to Become Another Ukraine

This week the Chinese ambassador to France said that Taiwanese citizens would need to be 're-educated' if the island was 're-unified' with China. This was not a slip of the tongue. Meanwhile, China's first white paper on Taiwan in 22 years dropped the promise not to deploy soldiers in Taiwan in case of 're-unification.'

It's Time for the Queen to Go—And Take the Royals Sideshow With Her

As a rule of thumb, we should treat the royals just as we treat MPs and ministers. They are public officials; they hold public titles, and we fund and subsidize them to perform a public role. As such their personal conduct, public appearances, and questions about probity, integrity and, of course, their effectiveness in the role should all be open for blunt, honest debate.

American Stasi

The Biden Regime has demonstrated its willingness, and indeed its eagerness, to take America to hitherto unprecedented depths of depravity.