Should States Ban 'Critical Race Theory' in Public Education?

Ban Critical Race Theory Now

We, as a nation, must not address the legacy of institutional racism by institutionalizing a new form of racism in our schools.

The Republican Push to Ban Critical Race Theory Reveals an Ugly Truth

Those who decry critical race theory's impact in the classroom would do well to ask why they are so threatened by people of color being allowed to have their say, a welcome change after a long history of inequality. They might not like what they find.

These Attacks on Jerusalem are Different

Over the past 100 days, the Biden administration has retreated—hard—towards the now-discredited "experts," their now-disproven assumptions and their long-failing approaches to the region.

Authoritarianism vs. Democracy

It doesn't matter whether the enemies of democracy are foreign or domestic, born of a global virus or an all-American homegrown authoritarianism, let our generation be no less prepared than any other to take them on.

Democrats Are Lying About Sheikh Jarrah. But Facts Matter—Even in Israel

If you read the tweets of people like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you would think that Israel is "forcing families from their home during Ramadan and inflicting violence." No matter how many times the lie is repeated, there is no truth to their version of the story.

America's Woke Corporate Cartel

It's time for Texas and other states throughout the Union to stand up, take woke corporations to task and make it clear that their radical leftist agendas aren't welcome.

The Progressive Future Runs Through Texas

To anyone who really wants to change American politics and secure democratic voting practices, a fair economy, racial justice, and climate remediation, I say: Texas is your place.

Akon's Romance with Dictatorship

Akon's clear disregard for democracy in Uganda and support of a murderous regime is an unbearable affront to human dignity.

Liz Cheney and the GOP's Two-Way Tribal War

The push to oust Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from her position as the number three in House GOP leadership has created a narrative that has proved irresistible to the liberal-dominated press.

Religion's Role in Climate Conversations

Much of the world is religious—including the one-quarter of humanity that is Muslim. Without bringing these hundreds of millions of people on board, the fight against climate change is unlikely to succeed.