The Fatally Flawed DeSan-itizing of Education

As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis squares off with the College Board over Advanced Placement (AP) African American Studies, continues to lead the movement to muzzle free speech in schools and prepares to transform the state's public colleges and universities into taxpayer-funded versions of far-right Liberty University, it is worth asking if there is anything connecting these seemingly disparate maneuvers.

Does China Want to Rule the World? It's Not That Simple

What was the Chinese leadership thinking in flying an easy-to-spot low-tech balloon over U.S. nuclear installations? Did they want to get caught? Was one branch of a fragmented autocracy trying to embarrass another?

The Next World Bank President Needs to Make These 3 Changes

The hunt is now on for a new president of the World Bank. Traditionally, the job is taken by an American. But whoever is picked must be someone determined to fix three big problems: the Bank's mission, model—and money. This is a bold plan for change and we will not solve climate change without it.

Stop Dumping Abortion Medical Waste

When it comes to environmental protection, U.S. government officials seem to consider no lifestyle change too dramatic or costly.

How Much Aid Is Enough for Ukraine?

As more Russian troops pour into eastern Ukraine and more Russian jets are stationed closer to the Russia-Ukraine border in what is likely to be a renewed offensive on the eve of the war's one-year mark, Ukraine's partners in NATO were discussing how to accelerate shipments of ammunition and air defense systems to Kyiv.