Joe Biden's Growing List of Failures

For many, electing Joe Biden represented a return to normality. Unfortunately, his presidency has only ushered in divisiveness and staggering incompetence.

The Case for Putting Seniors in Charge of Universal Pre-K

The payoff of a vast intergenerational Caring Corps will be enormous, for the youngest generation, for older people themselves, and for our sense of interdependence and connectedness across the ages.

True Anti-Racism Means Being Anti-Race

An aspiration to see race as irrelevant is not the same as seeing racism as irrelevant; quite the contrary: Discrimination makes even less sense when you see your reflection in the other's eyes.

China Is Using Academia Like a Trojan Horse

If we allow western scholarship to continue to prop up the apparatus of authoritarian regimes, we allow the classrooms that ought to be the pinnacle of our achievements become accomplices in the world's worst possible crimes.

The Other War

The Palestinians are at war with Israel, yes. But Hamas and Fatah are also at war with one another.