Can Netanyahu's New Government Keep the Peace With Jordan?

There is animosity and deep distrust between King Abdullah II and Benjamin Netanyahu, and Jordan has deep concerns over regional security and thus the stability of the kingdom itself. These concerns have grown significantly in light of Netanyahu's election win and the coalition he is forming with far-right parties.

Lessons From the U.S. Civil War Show Why Ukraine Can't Win

During the early years of America's Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln sought a limited conflict against people he still regarded as fellow countrymen and with whom he sought reconciliation. Only after three years of stalemate did he turn to "Unconditional Surrender Grant," who in turn unleashed General William Tecumseh Sherman to "make Georgia howl" and help bring the war to its decisively violent conclusion.

Joe, It's Been Great, but Let's Not Do This Again

Energized by the Democrats' unexpected overperformance in the 2022 midterm elections, President Biden is reportedly leaning toward running for re-election in 2024. While he deserves his share of the credit for the party's history-defying showing last month, we should also be careful not to over-interpret the results as a sudden shift in popularity.

Democracy Prevailed at the Midterms, But Roadblocks Remain

The changes alienated Americans support might benefit Republicans in some places and Democrats in others. They also might create opportunities for new parties and coalitions to emerge. Along the way, they would give all Americans the sense that their voices matter.