Edging Closer to Armageddon

Last month, President Joe Biden warned that mankind was closer to nuclear Armageddon than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. We should take him seriously.

Democrats Make Small Inroads for Big Results

A Nov. 3 Politico piece declared "Rural Democrats confront a potential new low." In fact, rural Democrats had their best showing in years. In blue firewall states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Democrats cut into Republican margins with rural voters, a trend that powered Democratic wins in state and local races across the country.

Lots of Voting in Israel, but How Much Democracy?

Israel seems set to establish a government led once again by Benjamin Netanyahu and heavily dependent on the country's far right. This dangerous assemblage will claim to be governing in the name of "the people." That claim does not entirely stand up to scrutiny.

Boycotts Are a Proud Part of American Freedom of Speech

The recent Israeli election resulted in what will likely be the most right-wing government to ever take office. This, combined with the prospect of Republican gains in Congress, may have alarming consequences concerning Americans' right to express dissent.

How Medicare Advantage Scams Seniors

Where billions of dollars flow, deceptive actors follow. And nowhere does deception run deeper than how health insurers lure seniors into Medicare Advantage plans—only to leave many retirees struggling to cover their out-of-pocket requirements when their incomes are their lowest.