It's Time to Use the Magnitsky Act to Combat Hate

In these difficult and dangerous times, the shared desire for a peaceful and harmonious future, celebrating the dignity of our differences and the solidarity of humanity, can be a source of inspiration, and catalyst for global cooperation.

The Olympics' Shameful Cowardice About Iran

If history is any guide, the International Olympics Committee's response to Foroughi's sharpshooter victory will be silence, its routine response to human suffering and oppression.

The Fight for Freedom in Cuba

In a communist country that suppresses dissent, the recent wave of protests is the most significant grassroots stand against the dictatorship in more than three decades.

A Look Behind the Curtain of South Africa's Rainbow Nation

Nelson Mandela and his generation bequeathed us the blueprint for a future in which South Africa belongs to all who live in it, with equal and equitable access to all its wealth for the benefit of all. It is incumbent upon us to start building South Africa 2.0, a generation later.

Our Civil Rights, and Biden's Legacy, Are on the Line

If President Joe Biden hopes to succeed with the agenda that the American people voted for and desperately need, he must abandon political caution and use all of the tools and power of the presidency to do what's right for Americans.

Hollow Cuban Support

Words of support for the protests by President Joe Biden indicate a lack of accountability for the crisis, especially since the current administration refused to reverse former President Donald Trump's last-minute sanctions.

Might Trauma Affect Gender Identity?

Troubling autobiographical details offered up by some transgender and non-binary individuals suggest new grounds for questioning the current consensus.