Silicon Valley Bank: A Bailout Even a Conservative Can Love

I'm glad our leaders stepped in to protect all the bank's customers and make them whole, no matter how much they had in their accounts. Such decisive action surely prevented a broader collapse, protecting families, workers, and job creators nationwide.

A Novel Initiative to Promote Global Women's Rights

We do not need more treaties and laws. We need countries, including the United States, to enforce the protections guaranteed in their own constitutions, their laws, and the international treaties they have signed.

Assad—From Regional Pariah to Regional Participant

Arab-majority countries, including America's partners, aren't waiting for the U.S. to resume normal diplomatic relations with Syria. And they don't seem to care much about Washington's disapproval.

Jimmy Carter: A President Mired in Minutiae

On Sept. 17, 1978, at the climax of negotiations for an Israeli-Egyptian peace framework at the presidential retreat at Camp David, an exhausted President Jimmy Carter committed a blunder that would bedevil the Middle East for the next 44 years.

It's Time for the Media to Stop Mincing Words

Journalists covering global events face a constant buzzing in the ear: what words to use when there's a narrative dispute. The issue is ever more acute in our frenzied era of societal polarization, entitled grievance politics, and never-ending spin—like efforts to brand an invasion of Ukraine as a "special military operation."