Corporations Own the Internet, Not People

It’s not just that most of those whose data made it to Cambridge Analytica did not consent to that transfer, but it’s also the case that Facebook has vast troves of data even on those who refuse to use its services.
Teachers Strike

Why Are Teachers Striking?

These teacher strikes will likely intensify the debate among elected officials over where education fits in state budget priorities.
Average Prison Sentence in the U.S. is Getting Even Longer

Congress Can End the Prison Revolving-Door Crime Cycle

The federal prison system currently houses more than 180,000 individuals. Each year, about 40,000 of those individuals are released back into their communities, and within three years, about half of them are re-arrested.

To Understand Gun Owners, Look to YouTube

For all the noise around gun control versus gun rights, there was a story that was missed by non-gun owners like me: how much these guns mean to those who own them.
Mark Zuckerberg

Will Social Media Loopholes Be Closed Before Midterms?

The 2018 U.S. midterms are less than eight months away, and Congress has done nothing to close loopholes that enable political advertising on social media to fuel disinformation and division. Time for legislators to get to work.
Black Panther stars

Images Change Our Views on Race

Whether it’s a blockbuster movie or 2-year-old Parker Curry looking up at Amy Sherald’s portrait of Michelle Obama, the images we all see matter.

Is Trump’s Presidency Watergate's Sequel?

We already know that Richard Nixon and Donald Trump share dangerous personality traits. Both men can be characterized as impulsive, thin-skinned, revenge seeking, and crude (Nixon on the tapes; Trump in the open).