Why the U.S. Can't Count on Europe in Fighting Russia

The United States needs an economically strong, politically aligned, and socially united Europe. Instead, we now face both a divergence of interests with our European allies and a divergence of interests among the Europeans themselves.

America Isn't Blameless When It Comes to Syria

While President Joe Biden is quick to blame the Assad government, he glosses over the myriad American interventions that predictably led to Syria's current struggles.

One and a Half Cheers for a Greenish New Deal

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is a far cry from the THRIVE agenda that we developed as the blueprint for our movement; however, the investments can buy us time and serve as a first step on our road to a Green New Deal and climate justice for all.

A New Low for Antisemitism at the UN

Just when you thought the United Nations could not stoop any lower in its relentless antisemitism, this past week, it reached a new despicable low, with obscene antisemitic comments made by a U.N. Human Rights Council official, alleging "the Jewish Lobby" controls social media.

Democrats' Risky Election Strategy Seems to Be Working

In a red-leaning state like Pennsylvania, amid a difficult political environment for Democrats, the GOP candidate should be favored rather than trailing by double digits. And while there are still huge risks, both short and long term, to elevating their worst opponents, in this cycle it just might pay off for Democrats.