It's Earth Overshoot Day, and Future Generations Are Calling

For the billions who will join us on the planet in this century, pursuing equity means putting a lien on today's great concentrations of wealth, to defray the costs the wealthy are imposing on future generations.

Will Sri Lanka's Troubles Leave It More Democratic?

Sri Lankans have taken to the streets and stormed official buildings in the capital, Colombo, for a combination of reasons, including an economic crisis and creeping authoritarianism. Many of the country's nearly 22 million people are having trouble buying even basic commodities, like food and cooking oil, while the country is unable to pay its debts to bondholders around the world.

Russia and Europe Go to War on Energy

For too long, there was an assumption in much of Europe that Russia could be counted on as a reliable supplier, even if there were substantial policy differences in other areas. That assumption turned out to be a mistake.

Want to Help Taiwan? Support a Muscular Japan

Abe recognized that the U.S. needs a partner in arresting China's aggressive expansionism, and that Japan possesses the financial and military strength to be that partner. He pushed Japan to move beyond decades-long pacifism to assert itself militarily and economically. This is exactly what the U.S. needs today, and Japan's political leadership must fight to sustain Abe's spirited internationalism, despite mixed political support at home.