No, Trans People Are Not Coming to Eat Your Children

Some right-wing beliefs are forcing me to reevaluate my own actions—or lack thereof. The relentless attack on the LGBTQ community—especially trans people—that has been such a central part of this election's culture wars, has finally opened my eyes to how it must feel to live on sufferance.

How Affirmative Action Really Works

Throughout their history, Yale and other elite, "white only" colleges and professional schools across the country did not admit Black people. However, in the 1960's, to comply with federal law, those white-only colleges took "affirmative action" to address their history of racial segregation.

Ignorance Powers the Latest Anti-Transgender Talking Points

The hysteria about gender detransition threatens to wall off the public from the scientific truth and the treatment they need. From conservative news outlets to massive echo chambers on social media, from eye-catching headlines to somber pictures of tearful teens, stories about a person's journey first to identifying as transgender then re-identifying as their assigned sex abound.