Oppo Reno5 Marvel Edition Review: A Superphone for Superfans

The Oppo Reno5 is an impressive Android phone. It stands out on specifications alone. It has a 6.55-inch Super AMOLED display with a 44-megapixel front-facing camera. The backside features four additional cameras optimized around different shooting modes, including ultrawide angle and macro. There's even a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen for biometric security. The list goes on. Beyond specs, though, a Marvel partnership helps this special edition Reno5 stand out even more. Oppo dips the whole phone experience, from packaging to phone exterior to software in an Avengers theme.

Reno5 Marvel Edition
The back of the Reno5 Marvel Edition has an "Avengers" logo. TYLER HAYES

The Avengers customizations don't change anything about how the phone performs. All the flourishes are purely visual. But, if you're a Marvel fan, this phone may be able to scratch a deep itch that no other phone can.

Marvel 'Avengers' Design and Theme

Right off the bat, it should be noted that Oppo's Reno5 Marvel Edition is currently only available in the Philippines. The limited availability is unfortunate because it's a themed device that I think resonates as much as any other intellectual property collaboration could. The aesthetic is really well done—just perfectly executed.

Reno5 Marvel Edition
The Reno5 Marvel Edition comes with a case and branded accessories. TYLER HAYES

Starting with the packaging, everything is clad in Marvel's black-and-red color scheme. The charging cable is red, the power adapter is glossy black, and the wired headphones are red. Nothing is left out here. Even the SIM removal tool is etched with an Avengers A. Not only is every piece in the box considered, but each is executed to a high degree of quality.

The back of the phone is the most permanent part of the Marvel customizations. All other items can be discarded if you didn't like the Avengers-label charger, for example, and the software tweaks can be swapped. Luckily, the back is tasteful in its Ironman-esque high-tech metal look. That same look is mirrored on the front with the default software skin for a cohesive design.

Reno5 Marvel Edition
The Marvel customizations extend from the exterior to the software with wallpapers and icons. TYLER HAYES

Hands-On: Advanced Features and Photos

Phones with an Android mobile operating system have been known to develop at a faster pace than Apple's iPhones. The wide range of device manufacturers means more competition to adopt features and specs that the iPhone can't do as rapidly. Even if you're an iPhone user not interested in switching over, the Oppo Reno5 provides a peek at some of those rumored features like a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen and an always-on OLED display.

Reno5 Marvel Edition
The always-on feature illuminates a small section of the screen with the time and notifications. TYLER HAYES

These advanced features truly make this Reno5 pop. All of the specs combined together are handy in practice. For example, the always-on AMOLED display provides an area of time and notifications that are constantly visible at a glance, while the rest of the screen remains dark. It can also light up the edge of the display when a phone call or notification comes in without waking up the entire screen. This technology keeps the display from drawing the same amount of battery to light up every screen pixel.

Battery life was noticeably good. It lasted a full day in constant use and was able to retain a charge even after several days of inactivity.

The Reno5 can do a face detection to unlock the phone, but the hidden fingerprint sensor is possibly more convenient in an age of mask wearing. There's no physical indication there's a sensor lurking under the glass. Instead, once it's configured in the settings, a circular software indicator appears along the bottom edge to indicate where to rest your finger. I can't attest to the sensor's technical security, but it had a wide range of accuracy with my registered fingerprint.

The other area that everyone can get excited about is a great camera. The Oppo has a 64-megapixel AI Quad camera—with four lenses on the back. Thrown into the camera app is the ability to capture front and rear camera feeds at the same time, or dual exposure overlays. These effects aren't exclusive to Oppo or Reno5, but they are built in directly for easy access. There's also an AI mode to detect what you're taking a picture of to try to use the best settings.

Here is a comparison of two pictures directly from the Reno5 and iPhone 12 Pro on an overcast day. Both of these are unedited, unlike others in this story, to provide an idea of what the camera provides.

Final Thoughts

Drenching the Reno5 in Marvel's design is fun, especially because it's not the only aesthetic option. For comic obsessives, however, it could be the tipping point in deciding between this Oppo phone and another Android one. The problem is that its availability is hard to come by.

I can say confidently that there's no reason not to pick up the Oppo Reno5 if you do have access, and it strikes the right chord with you. It's an example of a well-executed partnership.

This wasn't an exhaustive review of the Reno5. When I went back to my personal iPhone after testing, I admit I longed for some of Reno5's features. I would look forward to the neat tricks an always-on OLED display could perform and the functionality of a hidden fingerprint reader if they were ever adopted by an iPhone. All told, the Reno5 is a great phone that is more widely available in other colors and design looks.

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