'Kittensnake': Optical Illusion of Cat That Looks Like Serpent Wows Online

Internet users of the early 2000s will remember the iconic longcat meme. One of the most recognized cats on the internet, the white cat was famed for his length. But a resting cat that looks a lot like a long snake has caught the attention of modern-day internet users after a picture went viral on Twitter this week.

Shared on Twitter on Friday, the cat picture shows a tabby on the top of a mattress in a shape that creates the illusion that he has no legs.

With more than 45,000 likes, the picture was shared on Twitter by user @weirdlilguys, it first appeared online back in 2021 when it was shared on the Chinese site ETtoday which reported that owner Lan Heqing had witnessed "an amazing scene when he walked out of the door and saw an unidentified creature with a cat head and snake body."

The cat, which ETtoday reported is named Euro, has thrilled users on Twitter. One comment said: "The rare kittensnake! So majestic." Another called the animal a "catlesnake."

In a recent article, Newsweek delved into the world of cat sleeping positions. Vicki Jo Harrison, the International Cat Association (TICA) president told Newsweek: "Every pose that your cat takes tells a different story."

The optical illusion has led to the feline being dubbed "snake cat," and has even wowed the animal's owner who told ETtoday: "I put the box spring mattress in the living room when I was tidying up the house. He ran to the box spring to play. When I walked out of the room and came back, he sat and his tail hung down. I laughed instantly!"

Arizona State University's popular Ask A Biologist website explained: "An optical illusion occurs when the way you see something is different from what an object really is. Optical illusions occur when there is an error in how the brain interprets what the eyes are seeing."

Euro the cat lives with his feline brother who is named U.S. Dollar. The cat illusion has spread across the Twittersphere and has been retweeted over 3,000 times, prompting memes and hilarious replies.

"That's one weird snake," said one Twitter user.

Another comment said: "Fluffy snake. Doesn't bite. 100/10."

Sadly, the iconic Longcat—known as Nobiko in Japan—died in 2020 aged 18, but Euro the cat's confusing sleeping pose in the new viral image has brought joy to users just like the meme cat did years before.

Last week an optical illusion on a kitchen counter that looked like the Star Wars Death Star baffled the internet. While in March, the internet was shocked by an illusion that appeared to show a decapitated dog.

Cat and snake
A file photo of a ginger tabby cat (L) and an orange snake (R). A viral picture has stunned the internet after an optical illusion has made a cat look like a snake. Amy Dagit/Vagengeym_Elena/Getty Images