Optical Illusion of 'Pixelated' Cat Has Internet in Stitches

The camera never lies, as the old adage goes, although sometimes pictures can be very visually confusing. These are known as optical illusions—something that tricks the eye into seeing something different to what has been captured.

And a recent viral photo of a cat standing in a window is just that. In the image, shared to Reddit by an account called AkiteruSanpaii, we can see a cat staring through a glass window.

However, because of the square pattern on the glass the cat's body is distorted and rather hilariously looks as through it is made out of pixels.

The effect also serves to magnify the feline's eyes, resulting in them appearing comically large.

The strange image, which can be viewed here, is captioned: "The cat looks pixelated because of the windows."

Since the photo was posted to the social media site on February 3, it has attracted more than 10,800 upvotes.

Additionally, many people have rushed to the replies to share their thoughts on the cute picture.

One Reddit user, Jeepcomplex, compared the image to the wide-eyed star of Trailer Park Boys, writing: "Bubbles the Cat."

Another person, MtPollux, added: "8 bit cat."

NFG_Shoarma typed: "It isn't because of the window, you just need to upgrade the graphics on this fluffy fella."

Vizual__hunter revealed: "On my old computer, I had a folder called "through the looking glass" on my desktop. it was full of pics like this—just random animals looking goofy thru glass doors, mirrors, wine glasses...cracks me up thinking about it every time I see a pic like this lol [laugh out loud]."

FortifiedHooligan admitted: "At this moment the cat realized 'I needed glasses all along.'"

Bluejays-beak1281 gushed: "Wow, you got a Minecraft cat in real life."

Ripple_in_the_ocean commented: "I wanted to ask where I can buy this, but then I read the caption."

Alpine_Apex opined: "Tiktokers would think it's a filter."

HeraAurae remarked: "This is the most precious thing I've ever seen."

Another optical illusion of a cat went viral on Reddit recently, this time showing a fluffy feline that appears to have a woman's arm protruding out of its chest, but what is really happening?

Well, the image poster, known online as Francis_99, assured Newsweek that it is in fact because of the cat's thick fur, revealing: "My sister's hand goes under my cat's right armpit, and the fur of his belly touches the one from the arm, leaving the hand of my sister all alone in his chest."

A stock image of a cat. A photo of a feline on Reddit went viral because it looked distorted as the cat was behind patterned glass. iStock