Optical Illusion of Two Dogs With One Mouth Has Internet Baffled

Not every photograph should be taken at face value.

Sometimes a picture is so visually confusing that it leaves us scratching our heads, unsure of what we are actually seeing.

This is called an optical illusion—an image that tricks the viewer into seeing something different to what has been captured.

And a recent snap of a two-headed dog with one mouth is just that.

In the photograph, shared to Reddit by a user called BeanzMeanzBranston, we can see two dogs, which are Husky German Shepherds, that appear to be joined at the mouth, as they lie on the carpet.

It is hard to make out their individual forms due to the mass of white fur and, as their bodies are facing each other, it looks as though the two share one mouth.

This is because one of the animal's heads is on top of the other's and they both have their mouths open in a similarly wide fashion.

BeanzMeanzBranston has captioned the interesting image, which can be viewed here, writing: "My dogs share a mouth sometimes."

Two dogs one head
The Redditor's peculiar photograph makes it look like the two dogs are sharing a head, and many online were baffled. Reddit/BeanzMeanzBranston

The photograph has gained lots of traction since it was posted on January 6, having gained more than 62,200 upvotes.

Many people have rushed to the comments section to air their confusion at the perplexing image.

One Reddit user, Julespersecond, wrote: "Genuinely confused for a second there."

Another person, International-Fill12, added: "A second? It took me a solid 5 minutes."

Blimpinthesky joked: "Is your dog a labradouble?"

MercilessIdiot explained: "Once you realize it's not just one very deformed dog, they look like one of those medieval carpets made out of wolf's corpses."

Mscreep revealed: "My brain was able to immediately pull them apart because my two heelers that are the same age(not brothers, technically uncle and nephew) do this alllll the time. Lol."

TriangleDude_TM commented: "Inside you there are two wolves."

Deep-Tangelo1964 admitted: "I thought this was a messed up taxidermy."

Fireflydrake humorously remarked: "Hate to break it to you, but your 'two dogs' may actually be a single mythological entity. Please contact your closest witch or wizard for more info."

Speaking to Newsweek, BeanzMeanzBranston explained: "The dogs were just play-fighting with each other like they normally do. I just happened to get a photo at the right time.

"It was just a photo to send to my girlfriend while she was at work, but I thought Reddit might enjoy it too, and apparently they did!"

Recently another optical illusion went viral on Reddit, this time apparently showing an image of a fluffy cat that had a woman's arm protruding out of its chest.

However, the image poster, Francis_99, assured Newsweek that this surreal look was due to the cat's thick fur, revealing: "My sister's hand goes under my cat's right armpit, and the fur of his belly touches the one from the arm, leaving the hand of my sister all alone in his chest."

Dog mouth
A stock image of a close-up of a dog's mouth. On Reddit an optical illusion of two dogs has been baffling internet users. iStock

UPDATE 01/21/22 11:11 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include comment from BeanzMeanzBranston.