Optical Illusion Video Showing Hat Changing Color Leaves Internet Baffled

A viral video of a hat seemingly changing color when near two different lights has gone viral on the social media platform TikTok.

The video posted by TikTok user oteliacarmen has racked up more than 1.3 million views and some 174,000 comments since it was uploaded in November.

A message accompanying the video alluded to an earlier post where oteliacarmen showed the hat changing color, with several commenters claiming the clip had been edited.

The message read: "Do you believe it now? Brought the hat to my parent's house to test it out with witnesses."

In the video, oteliacarmen held the brown hat up close to a lamp as her family watched on before moving over to the other side of the room to another light.

But, as the hat moved closer to the light, it appeared to change color from brown to green leaving family members stunned.

Absolutely baffled by what she had seen, one of the family members took the hat and returned to the first light, only to find it had changed color back to brown.

"What is happening?" She asked. "Do you have a different type of light bulb in these lamps? Do you?"


Reply to @koko.t_ Do you believe it now!? Brought the hat to my parents house to test it out with witnesses! #metamerism #colortheory #physics #stemtok

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As the clip continued, the woman still appeared to be baffled by what she had just witnessed and kept holding the hat toward the two different light sources, watching in glee as the hat changed color.

Viewers quickly took to the comment section under the video to share their opinions on what they had seen.

One poked fun at the situation and said: "I imagine losing this at a friend's house and they asking what color it is and I be sometimes it's green sometimes it's like brown idk [I don't know]."

Another appeared to have an explanation and commented: "It's definitely the lightbulb. You can see the light off the wall behind her is giving off a greenish light. Really cool trick tho (sic)."

A third added: "It's the light. If you look at the wall they are throwing different light."

In a later video, oteliacarmen attempted to explain what had caused the phenomenon and claimed different light bulbs affected the color our eyes perceived the hat to be.

She said in the update video: "Now, with the hat changing color store to store to my home and even room to room or lamp to lamp is because there are different temperature light bulbs with varying color distribution of these wavelengths."

The situation was similar to the infamous dress social media video in 2015 that gripped the internet for several weeks.

Arguments erupted online as people claimed the dress was either black and blue or gold and white.

Stock image of a hat
Stock image of a hat. The video of the hat changing color went viral on TikTok. Getty