Optical Illusion of Woman Vaulting Over Building Baffles People in Viral Video

An optical illusion showing a woman supposedly jumping over a building is going viral online, as people are trying to work out how she's pulled it off.

A TikTok user, who calls herself Ying, shared a clip to her account, @ying.hxxx, showing herself walking in the foreground, with her garden shelter in the background.

Ying then turns her back to the camera and jumps over the wooden structure, landing behind it.

She puts her hands in her pockets and walks away—as she now simultaneously resembles a giant while her back yard appears to be the size of a doll's house.

The mum, believed to be from Canada, has shared numerous clips showing herself jumping over it from various angles, going backwards and forwards.

And she also started off one video sitting inside the structure, and then jumped over it, as fans called on her to try out numerous poses as they tried to work the secret behind the convincing stunt.

Captioning one of her videos, Ying asked: "Are u confused?"

Her most popular "illusion" clip has been watched more than nine million times, as thousands commented on the video sharing their theories.

Some people have claimed she's jumping over a toy while others thought it was a piece of cardboard with a photo on it.

One TikToker, called Letimarie, said: "U know how many times I watched this to understand and I still don't understand lol. My brain can't take it anymore."

While Ida wrote: "I've never been more confused."

Thanks for the 1,000 followers spotted: "After she jumps the plants stop moving."

And noticing a similar continuity error, #1 COD mobile page explained: "Notice how the wind is blowing the umbrella then it freezes when she jumps, just simple editing."

Izuku Midoriya thought: "I think u edited it, when u jumped there was no shadow on the roof so it's not a toy, it must be a green screen or transition."

While user asdfghjkl commented: "I have a headache cuz of all the time I watched this and I still have no idea what this is!"

Anne Peoble said: "How are ya'll confused she obviously just jumped a house."

While Ying didn't confirm exactly how she achieved the mind-bending illusion, she thanked people who praised her editing skills in the comment section.

But she did dispel one theory, after she added: "No green screen needed."

Garden path reflecting in crystal glass ball
Stock image of a double garden path reflecting in crystal glass ball. A woman's optical illusion showing her jumping over her back yard is going viral. Getty iStock/Wierzchu