'The Order' Recap: The Key Events that Led to Season 2 of the Netflix Show

The Order is returning to Netflix for Season 2, coming to the streamer on June 18. The first season of the YA supernatural drama set up the world of Belgrave University and its rival factions of magicians and werewolves through the character of Jack Morton (played by Jake Manley).

Spoilers ahead...

At the start of the Netflix series, Jack joins Belgrave University and seems determined to join The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a secret society that he seemingly wants to join as it will give him the connections he needs to make a better life for himself.

However, his attempts to join the order had an ulterior motive. The eponymous Order was run by Edward Coventry (Max Martini), who unbeknownst to him is Jack's father, who Jack and his grandfather (Matt Frewer) blames for the suicide of his mother.

However, he soon learns that the Order is not just a regular secret society, but a magic one, where its members have become a little mad with power and are dabbling in dark magic like bringing people back from the dead. They are also busy battling werewolves, who are their great enemies at Belgrave.

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'The Order' Season 1 established a sinister secret society Netflix

In The Order, werewolf lore is a little different. Werewolves are not people who have been bitten by another of the creatures, but instead are people who are chosen by "hides," pelts containing spirits of werewolves. One of these, Silverback, chooses Jack, meaning that he is playing both sides as he becomes a member of both The Blue Rose and the Knights Of Saint Christopher, a sect of wolfpeople ready to take on dark magic.

Across the series, Coventry's aim was to find the four parts of the Vade Maecum, a powerful spell book that gives its owner unlimited power. The first three parts are found before it is revealed that the final part is within the Silverback hide, which causes it to nearly kill Jack.

Eventually, Coventry has all the elements of the book, but to complete the ritual he needs to sacrifice his first born son. When it is revealed to him who that is, Jack offers to sacrifice himself if Coventry allows his captured friends to go.

However, this is all part of Jack's trick to finally get revenge on his father, especially after he is part of the death of Jack's grandfather.

Earlier in the season, we learned that Jack's roommate was a golum, a clay form that can be moulded into the shape of a person. Jack sends this golum in his place, and Coventry tries to kill it thinking it is his first-born son. However, this means that the ritual has not been completed, causing Coventry to get trapped in the book.

By the end of the show, Jack thinks that the Vade Maecum has been destroyed, but in reality new Order leader Vera Stone (Katharine Isabelle) has kept it in her office.

Things seemed to have got back to normal by the end of The Order Season 1–or at least, as normal as things can be in a college where werewolves and magicians are locked in an immortal war.

In the final episode, Jack decides he wants to stay as both an Order member and a Knight, which Vera seems to allow him to do. However, then Blue Rose member Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey), who Jack has been falling for throughout the season betrays him by blowing a memory-wiping dust in his face, leaving him with amnesia. We also saw the other Knights suffer a similar fate, suggesting the werewolves are coming into Season 2 with no idea of the battle they have on their hands and a powerful book of magic still in play.

The Order Season 2 is released on Thursday, June 18 on Netflix.