Oscars: 'Brokeback' Heartbreak

Most Oscar ads end on Oscar night. But fans of "Brokeback Mountain" are so heartbroken their movie lost the best-picture award to "Crash" they've launched a new campaign. Last week blogger Dave Cullen collected $26,000 from at least 600 people for an ad that ran in Friday's Daily Variety. It subtly suggests that "Brokeback," which was named best picture through "unprecedented consensus" in other awards circles, should have won the Oscar too. The group is now looking into placing similar ads in Entertainment Weekly or The New York Times. (A more negative campaign was considered and dropped, after the group feared it would look bitter.) But these aren't your everyday film buffs. Most of the donors are gay men who saw a "Brokeback" win as a step forward in the fight for equality. "Members of our community feel so compelled by their disappointment they want to share it with others," says GLAAD president Neil Giuliano. And many believe that homophobia cost "Brokeback" the Oscar. "We want to send a message," Cullen says. "There was a lot of fear involved here."