Osprey Drops Fish on College Baseball Field During Game While Eagle Chases It

Straight from the annals of "you can't make this stuff up" was a scenario Saturday during a college baseball game between two schools that both go by Jacksonville.

During the top of the eighth inning between Jacksonville State at Jacksonville University, there was a battle in the sky that gripped the audience, the announcers and eventually the worldwide viewers through social media.

An osprey apparently soared across the Jacksonville University baseball field with a fish in its claw. However, an eagle was engaged in an aerial high-speed pursuit of the osprey, which dumped the fished from its grip into shallow outfield just beyond second base.

Here's a brief overview through the video captured and released through the Jacksonville University Athletics Twitter handle.

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"We got a flyover, and I mean a hawk," the Jacksonville University sports information states. "And he just dropped a fish in the outfield. It's an osprey out there that just dropped a fish out in shallow right field, and now a bald eagle has entered the scene and everything has come to a halt."

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The video shows a bird flying from the outfield toward the infield, then dropping something from its clutches. The video the cuts toward what looks like an eagle chasing the alleged osprey.

"The eagle comes in and chases the osprey away, makes him drop the fish," the Jacksonville announcer says.

It appears personnel from Jacksonville University go retrieve the fish with a towel, all while avoiding any swooping birds, as the top guns continue their aerial chase near the U.S. Naval base on Florida's northeastern shore.

"Is he going to go and try to get the fish before the eagle gets it?" the announcer asks as a JU member retrieves the fish. "The eagle is circling overhead."

The member of the Jacksonville University crew, aptly nicknamed the Dolphins, grabbed the fish and whisked it away to safety before any of the flying creatures could grab it.

As of Saturday night, the type of fish hadn't yet been identified.

As for the game itself, the Dolphins of Jacksonville University improved to 2-4 on the season with a 5-2 win over neighboring Jacksonville State.

Osprey Drops Fish on College Baseball Field During Game While Eagle Chases It | Sports