Our Political Predictions for 2010

Over at NEWSWEEK's 2010 project, we've been recapping the decade of the aughts—a formative pack of years if there ever was one. Today, though, we take a look forward and offer our 10 political predictions for next year, and the decade that will follow. Things like the fate of Sarah Palin, the outlook for gay rights, and Nancy Pelosi's hold on the House in 2010. Here's the full list. For our reasoning behind each (and for more predictions in the tech and business worlds) visit the politics page of the 2010 experience here.

10. After a messy primary between Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry, Democrat (and Houston Mayor) Bill White will win the Texas governor's mansion.

9. Obama will do nothing on gay rights, wary of giving ammo to already fired-up conservatives during an election year.

8. Reeling from battling cancer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg will retire from the Supreme Court. Our suspected replacement? Seventh circuit Judge Diane Wood.

7. Aftrer becoming a symbol of corporate greed and excess, banking committee chair Chris Dodd will lose his Senate seat.

6. It'll be a squeaker, but Gov. Charlie Crist will be become Florida's next senator.

5. The only thing Sarah Palin will be president of in 2012 will be TV ratings. Palin will get a talk show as early as next year. We're betting a startup like Lifetime or Bravo will make an offer she can't refuse.

4. Formidable opponents absolutely, but both Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina will lose their bids for California's top offices.

3. The GOP will block immigration reform, but it'll work to the benefit of Democrats.

2. Having already set the stage for an upset, Republicans in Nevada will oust Democrat and Senate powerbroker Harry Reid.

1. Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic coterie will hang onto the House, but only because Republicans haven't offered stellar countersolutions and may be off fighting among themselves.