Out-Extreming the Extremists

The conservative standard-bearers at National Review are fulfilling their historical role of drawing a line and declaring the conspiracy-theorist right wing beyond the pale. They famously did it to the John Birch Society and now they are doing it to Rush Limbaugh, though not by name, in their latest editorial:

A word on conspiracy theories: It is unfortunate that the timing of this event, coming so soon after the administration's drilling order, has led some commentators (of varying degrees of seriousness) to entertain some outlandish scenarios. The environmental movement did not sabotage the rig to further its agenda, nor did Big Oil do it to create artificial scarcity in the market for crude. Disasters happen, and this is one.

Meanwhile Glenn Beck and Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano agreed that it was appropriate for the attempted Times Square car bomb suspect Faisal Shahzad to be read his Miranda rights, as required by the Supreme Court. This places them to the left of John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

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