If "Open Water" has you fearing all creatures great and small, study these tips from "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook."

Alligator attack: Gators are quick, but only in short bursts. So run far and run fast. But if one clamps down on a limb, jab its snout. Gators often open their mouth when hit there.

Mountain-lion attack: Size matters, so make yourself appear larger. Place a child on your shoulders to add height, or open out your jacket to look broader.

Killer-bee attack: Run through tall grass or weeds to disrupt their flight pattern. But don't dive into water. They'll track your air bubbles and sting when you resurface.

Bear attack: They may outrun you, but because of their weight, bears can't go as high as people in trees. They also hate surprises, so wear bells when hiking in bear country.

Shark attack: They prey on the weak and injured, so show your strength and fight back. Forgo the nose (it's a myth) and go for the eyes and the gills.