Outrage After Dad Throws Away Daughter's Homemade Necklace: 'Divorce Him'

The internet has backed a woman who became outraged with her husband after he threw out a homemade necklace that her daughter had created.

Reddit user u/Just_Agreement_5609, shared the post on the popular Am I The A**hole forum which has attracted some 14,600 upvotes since it was uploaded on Tuesday, May 17.

In the post, which can be seen here, the uploader explained she regularly has disagreements with her husband and that he has "a habit" of throwing something of hers away to "teach me a lesson" when he's upset with her.

According to the Office on Woman's Health (OWH), if a partner destroys your things it could be a sign you are in an abusive relationship.

Stock photo of couple arguing
Stock photo of a couple arguing. Many people told the woman to leave her husband. Getty

On this occasion, the woman's husband threw out a necklace her 13-year-old daughter made after they got into an argument over him wanting to spend time with his friends while her mother was in surgery.

She added: "Yesterday I found out he threw out the necklace and after he admitted to what he did, I went off on him and I also told him that this necklace was special to me and that my daughter spent so much time and effort to make it."

After her daughter comforted her and said she would make another if she got the tools, the user told her husband that he would need to pay for it.

The Reddit user said: "He laughed and said that I was delusional to expect him to pay when I haven't even apologized for my 'part' of the argument but I felt like I had nothing to apologize for and that yes, he should stay home for a family emergency.

"He said 'why don't you have one of your friends come and stay? Oh yes, you don't have any.' This p***ed me off but he said he wouldn't pay but I told him that our daughter knew what he did which set him off saying I was trying to turn out daughter against him and brainwash her into thinking he's the bad guy in this scenario.

"I told him I'm still expecting him to pay but now he's saying that I'm ganging up on him with our daughter."

Unsurprisingly, based on the woman's account, many flooded the comment section with suggestions that she leave her husband over his behavior. Since being uploaded, the post has attracted some 2,930 comments.

One Reddit user said: "This is abusive behavior. You are adults, there should not be any punishment for disagreements. That is a huge red flag. Suggestions you have no friends and are isolated as a joke or dig is also a big red flag. This is not a relationship I would remain in."

Another added: "You are NTA (not the a**hole) and I never say this but you need to leave. If not for yourself then for your daughter. This is abuse and you are showing her it's OK."

A third commented: "Divorce your husband now. He does not respect you. He is abusive. He also seems not to like or care about his own daughter unless to damage you. Divorce him.

"It's already bad he throws things away as a way to punish you, but something special handmade by your kid made him a triple of a jerk. Divorce him."

Newsweek has contacted u/Just_Agreement_5609 for comment.

For people who believe they are in an abusive relationship, they can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) or 800-787-3224 (TDD). The hotline offers help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in many languages.

If you are in immediate danger, the Office on Woman's Health recommends people call 911.

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