Over $2M in Cocaine Found Inside Tractor-Trailer at Texas Border

More than $2 million worth of suspected cocaine was found hidden inside a tractor-trailer at the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas.

According to data from CBP, over the past four months, the agency has seized over 234,000 pounds of illegal narcotics across the borders entering the U.S. The data also shows that across the past four months (October, November, December and January), there have been over 22,000 drug seizure events.

According to a press release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) the incident occurred on Thursday, February 24, at the Roma International Bridge cargo facility, which is located along the border in southern Texas.

While stationed at the bridge's cargo facility, CBP officers encountered a tractor-trailer attempting to gain entry into the U.S. from Mexico.

An initial inspection of the tractor-trailer was conducted by border officials, but the trailer was eventually referred to a "further inspection," according to CBP. During the secondary inspection, border officials used non-intrusive imaging equipment. A screening was also conducted by a CBP canine team that is trained to smell for potential narcotics.

During the secondary inspection, CBP officers discovered several packages hidden inside the tractor-trailer that contained 329.37 pounds of suspected cocaine. A picture of the packages found within the trailer was posted on Twitter by CBP's South Texas division. 

CBP said in the press release that the suspected cocaine was worth $2.5 million.

"CBP OFO [Office of Field Operations] seized the narcotics and turned them and the driver over to Roma Police Department for further investigation," the press release said.

CBP did not provide the identity of the individual driving the tractor-trailer.

Following the bust, Port Director Andres Guerra, Roma Port of Entry said, "Our frontline CBP officers at Roma Port of Entry seized a significant amount of hard narcotics in the cargo environment utilizing an effective combination of inspections experience and technology and helped keep our community safe in the process."

CBP officers stationed at the Pharr International Bridge made a similar seizure in late February. Border officials encountered a commercial tractor-trailer attempting to gain entry into the U.S. from Mexico. During a secondary inspection of the commercial trailer, CBP officers discovered over $18 million worth of suspected methamphetamine.

A few days earlier, on February 18, CBP officers in Arizona intercepted more than $4 million worth of fentanyl and methamphetamine that was hidden inside the air conditioning unit of a man's RV.

Newsweek reached out to CBP for further comment on the recent seizure but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Customs and Border Protection
Customs and Border Protection officers recently seized over $2 million worth of suspected cocaine found in a tractor-trailer at the Texas border. Above, U.S. National Guard members patrol an unfinished section of border wall on November 18, 2021, in La Joya, Texas. Brandon Bell/Getty