Overnight Mass Shooting in Minnesota Leaves 1 Dead, 14 Injured: 'Hellish Situation'

A mass shooting broke out in St. Paul, Minnesota, during the early hours of Sunday morning. The incident, which occurred at the Seventh Street Truck Park bar and food venue, left a young woman dead and at least 14 others injured.

St. Paul Police spokesperson Steve Linders told reporters on Sunday that a woman in her 20s was found dead when police arrived on the scene. The other 14 victims were transported to nearby hospitals and are all expected to survive. None of the victims' names have been given to the public at this time.

Linders described the aftermath of the shooting in strong terms, calling it "hellish" and "nothing short of a tragedy." He said that, due to the scale of the violence, there may be additional victims who have not yet come forward. Good Samaritans on the scene reportedly tended to the injured victims while waiting for authorities to arrive.

"There were gunshot wound victims lying in the street outside the bar, there were gunshot wound victims lying on the sidewalk outside the bar and there were gunshot wound victims lying on the floor inside the bar," Linders said.

st paul shooting
A mass shooting left one dead and 14 injured in St. Paul, Minnesota, on early Sunday morning. In this photo, the St. Paul skyline is seen. Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

So many 911 calls were made that some had to be rerouted to other nearby agencies, including the Metro Transit Police, the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, and the Maplewood police. Some callers were described as having "frantically begged for help" in calls made immediately after the shooting.

"This is nothing short of a tragedy," Linders said. "We had people in the city of St. Paul, out on a Saturday night, having a good time. And we had other people who decided to pull guns with reckless disregard for human life, and pull the trigger over and over and over and over again. And it ended in tragedy. Our hearts break for the young woman who died and for her loved ones. And for everybody who was in that bar."

The investigation into the shooting is still in the early stages. At this time, police have not arrested any suspects and multiple shooters are believed to have been involved based on early information. No motives have been established.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter released a statement about the shooting via Twitter on Sunday morning.


— Mayor Melvin Carter (@MayorCarter) October 10, 2021

"Our community is devastated by the shocking scenes from last night," Carter said in his statement. "As our Saint Paul officers work to bring those responsible for these senseless acts into custody, our work to build more proactive and comprehensive public safety strategies is more urgent than ever. We will never accept violence in our community."

Newsweek has reached out to the St. Paul police for a comment on this story.