'Overwatch' Archives Event 2020: New Challenges and Skins For Players To Unlock

The latest installment of Archives, the annual event that relives the past exploits of the Overwatch organization, is now live. Until April 2, players can unlock new skins and take part in exclusive missions that tell the stories of the early days of the teams and how these characters got together.

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
Overwatch Archives is here, this time with new challenges! blizzard

There are three different Archive missions that are back from past year's events. There's Uprising, which takes Reinhardt, Tracer, Mercy or Torbjorn back to the early days of the Omnic attacks (and Tracer's first day on the job). Then there's Retribution, that features the evil Talon attacking the covert group of McCree, Genji, Reaper and Moira. Finally, last year's Storm Rising starring Winston, Mercy, Tracer and Genji taking down robotic assassins is back with a vengeance.

These events are all player-versus-enemy missions, meaning you won't be fighting any real players, but AI bots. Overwatch 2, the much hyped sequel to the hero shooter, will feature a large amount of PVE content on its release. Soon, the Archives event won't be the only way you'll be able to fight Talon agents.

Alongside these events, new Challenge missions are being added to the mix. Each week there will be new mission types that you can mess around with. Along with that, you'll be able to receive exclusive rewards for every three wins you get in Quick Play, Competitive Play or the Arcade. Getting nine wins in one week will grant you an exclusive skin without needing to open any Loot Boxes.

Overwatch Archives Challenge Missions and Skins

There are eight new skins in total, with players being able to earn three for free.

Aviator Pharah

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
Aviatar Pharah is here to teach you how to fly! Blizzard

King Jamison Junkrat

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
King Jamison Junkrat is a must-have for any mayhem main Blizzard

Militia Roadhog

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
Militia Roadhog is still a pretty chunky boy Blizzard

Sniper Ana

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
Sniper Ana has seen some things... Blizzard

Workout Zarya

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
Workout Zarya picks them up and then puts them down (that's an old SNL reference) Blizzard

Week 1: March 12-19

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
Holi Symmetra is one of the best in the set Blizzard

Holi Symmetra player icon, spray and skin

Challenge: Molten Cores—Enemies drop lava upon death.
Glass Cannon—Players have reduced health and deal increased damage.

Week 2: March 19-26

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
Rustclad Torbjorn builds them up and breaks them down. Blizzard

Rustclad Torbjorn player icon, spray and skin

Challenge: Surgical Strike—Only critical hits do damage.
Close Quarters—Enemies can only be killed if a player is nearby.

Week 3: March 26-April 2

Overwatch archives event skins challenges
Bear Mei wants to give you a hug Blizzard

Snowbear icon, Bear Hug spray and Bear Mei Epic Skin

Challenge: Blood Moon Rising—No support heroes. Heal yourself by doing damage.
Storm Raging—Some enemies are enraged. Killing them spreads the rage.

This Archive event isn't really unique but it is nice to see it return once again. Overwatch events tend to repeat themselves and can get pretty tedious, so it's nice to see a new group of skins and challenges to incentivize players to continue. For those that weren't around the last time the Archives event was released, it's also a nice opportunity to get some background lore. Getting to play Tracer as she takes on her first Omnic threat or as Reaper slowly moves to the darker side will never be boring for fans of the lore.

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