'Overwatch' Baptiste Reunion Challenge Guide: How to Unlock Free Battle Medic Baptiste Skin

On Monday, Blizzard revealed a brand new short story starring Overwatch's Baptiste that showcased his escape from the terrorist cell, Talon. Players can now unlock the skin featured in the story by completing the Baptiste Reunion Challenges. Similar to D.Va's Nano Cola challenge and Ana's Bastet event, players will be able to earn an icon, sprays and the brand new skins by playing and watching Overwatch streams.

baptiste reunion challenge overwatch
The Baptiste Reunion Challenge starts today

Overwatch Baptiste Reunion Challenge

From June 18 to July 1, players can unlock new cosmetics by watching and playing. Winning three games of Overwatch in Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade will earn you a player icon. Winning six will grant you two player icons and nine will get you the Epic skin Battle Medic Baptiste. If you haven't been playing Blizzard's hero shooter, this is a good a time as any to try it out.

There are also six new sprays that can only be unlocked by watching specific Overwatch streamers at the right time. Here's the full list of streamers, ranging from the gameplay of Seagull to the artistic painting of Halie Atisuto. You need to have your Blizzard account linked to your Twitch account, which can be done from the settings page on the streaming platform.

Here's the full schedule and when you can watch:

Seagull June 18 (11: PDT – 20: PDT)

Delialpi Gaming June 19 (12: PDT – 17: PDT)

Teetawatv June 20 (07: PDT – 13: PDT)

Marte June 21 (09: PDT – 14: PDT)

Flowervin June 22 (04: PDT – 08: PDT)

Xeraphy June 23 (03: PDT – 07: PDT)

Tyr0din June 24 (19: PDT – 23: PDT)

NevesThaue June 25 (15: PDT – 19: PDT)

DeGun June 26 (09: PDT – 14: PDT)

Mirage June 27 (06: PDT – 08: PDT)

Baconjack June 28 (21: PDT – 23: PDT)

Txao June 29 (03: PDT – 07: PDT)

Darwin June 30 (07: PDT – 14: PDT)

HalieAtisuto July 1 (11: PDT – 20: PDT)

Will you be unlocking the new Baptiste skin and sprays? Tell us in the comments.