'Overwatch' Bastet Short Story: Soldier: 76 Had Relationship With 'Dark-Haired Man' Vincent

A new Overwatch story has been released by Blizzard, starring Ana and the rest of the old squad. Written by senior lore designer Michael Chu, "Bastet" features Ana and Solider: 76, whose been badly wounded after a fight with Reaper. Ana had been hunting mob boss Abdul Hakim, but had noticed Jack Morrison being trailed by a cloaked figure with shotguns. There's no new comic, so this story will have to do.

BASTET: A fierce protector arises from the shadows . . .

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Eventually the pair make it back to Ana's home base, which reads a lot like it is the Necropolis map. She mentions sending artifacts to Dr. Faisal, one of the archeologists who's emails you can read at the Petra dig site. Ana also explains that she's been on the run ever since she woke up in a hospital in Poland without any memory of who she was. She remembered being badly wounded by Widowmaker, but she still couldn't piece her whole life together.

The pair then discuss at length how life on the run has been and how Ana has adjusted knowing that her daughter, Pharah, thinks she is dead. Ana eventually picks up a Bastet mask, the Egyptian cat goddess, and goes off to defeat Hakim as the people's "guardian."

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One of the biggest additions to this story is the inclusion of Soldier:76's new relationship. Looking over a pile of old photos, Ana comes across one of a "black-haired man, dressed in a casual, black button up shirt. Jack's arm was around his shoulder." Ana asks why Morrison didn't look into him using Overwatch's power, which he did not appreciate. Morrison says that Vincent got married and that he's "happy for them." Update: The relationship has been confirmed by Blizzard.

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Jack and Vincent were in a romantic relationship many years ago. Both identify as gay. ❤️

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"In the early days, Jack talked about him often, floating a dream that the war would end quickly, and maybe he'd have a chance to return to a normal life," the story said. It seems to hint that Morrison had a male lover, but that's still up for interpretation.

Eventually, Ana and Morrison leave the Necropolis and take out Hakim.