'Overwatch' Busan Lore: The World Behind Shooting Star Cinematic

At the Korean Fan Fest honoring Overwatch 's fans, Blizzard unveiled a brand new cinematic and map for Busan. "Shooting Star" stars D. Va, offering a deeper look into the personal life of the decorated MEKA pilot. With omnics constantly on the attack, Hana Song has no time to relax and enjoy the spotlight. The map, Busan, is a three-part objective/ control map that gives players a deeper look inside the South Korean portions of the game's story.

Behind closed doors and away from the cameras, beloved former pro gamer and current MEKA squad pilot https://t.co/mvJh2LSpxT prepares her mech for the unexpected…

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South Korea has one of the most unique backstories of any location in the Overwatch universe. Giant automated robot factories known as Omniums were built all around the globe. Most places managed to overtake these omnic bases: the Outback's was sabotaged with a nuclear bomb and Russia hired Volskaya Industries to handle their dirty work. But South China Sea's Omnium turned out a bit different, more of a kaiju than a factory. The beast waits under the waves, attacking the mainland coast once a year.

Since Korea had to deal with such a unique omnic threat, the nation got creative with its attacks. MEKAs, which are robots controlled by skilled pilots, were created to fight off this new threat. Many soldiers died in the program, forcing the government to look in interesting locations for pilots. Hana Song was a successful pro gamer enlisted to help fight off these crazy omnics.

The "Shooting Star" short happens right after the annual attack on Busan's shores. The four other pilots introduced in this cinematic for the first time, Casino, D. Mon, King and Overlord, all had their mechs wiped out. (Speculation online about these heroes joining the ranks as "hero 29" are abundant, but completely unfounded.) The Omnics attack a second time, catching everyone off guard. If D. Va wasn't around, who knows what would have happened. Could the kaiju Omnium have adapted to the world of Overwatch? Where will it strike next? At the rate we are getting new lore, we won't find out for at least another two years.


— Jeffrey Tsang (@blaseOW) August 22, 2018

The new map, Busan, demonstrates how Overwatch 's South Korea has continued to technologically evolve since the original Omnic Crisis, becoming a cyberpunk oasis with giant neon billboards illuminating the streets. The world is lush with arcades, karaoke lounges and the centerpiece of it all: the MEKA lounge. With lounges, a garage and even a playable Dance Dance Revolution game, it's equipped with everything a pilot would need to prepare for war.

A few Overwatch concepts were "ret-conned" or changed at a later date, making it a bit harder to deduce the exact nature of the canon. D. Va was originally a Starcraft pro, but Lead Writer Michael Chu tweeted that it wasn't the case. It's just another obstacle to being an Overwatch lore aficionado.

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