‘Overwatch’ Competitive Deathmatch Guide: Best Heroes to Earn SR

Overwatch is currently celebrating it’s two-year anniversary and we’re all invited. New skins can be unlocked alongside past event exclusives, classic limited time modes are making a surprise appearance and there’s a new Deathmatch map, Petra. If you already spent some time farming Loot Boxes in LTMs, you’ve seen the a new competitive play free-for-all mode for the game’s most kill-obsessed fans.

Competitive Deathmatch is a first for Overwatch, a way for players who don’t care much about achieving objectives or playing as a team. Like regular competitive play, you’ll need to be level 25 before you can queue up. Your SR from your actual ranked games won’t affect where you end up in Deathmatch CP. There are two maps available: the brand-new Petra and last year’s Château Guillard. This mode features leaderboards, placement matches and the ability to earn golden weapon currency, also known as competitive points.

Since you don’t have any other teammates to complain about, your placement is entirely based on your own play. There’s no healer for you to whine about when you die diving the enemy backline. That means the heroes you choose are even more important. Some are great for Deathmatch while others should have never left Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Here are some of the best heroes for Competitive Deathmatch.

Roadhog- The hook master is amazing in duels, which are the bread and butter of Deathmatch. Getting killed by the fat man is aggravating and something that you’ll have to deal with frequently. His tanky stats make him hard to take down; your enemy will need fantastic aim to end your life. When 3v3 Ecopoint: Antarctica was first released, Roadhog was in every single match. He’s received a few nerfs since then, but that hasn’t stopped the chunky Australian from staying at the top.

Hanzo is wirh you Hanzo, the most broken hero in Overwatch Blizzard

Hanzo- Right now, Hanzo is broken. His leap gives him insane mobility and his new Storm Arrows raise his DPS considerably. It doesn’t matter that he’s supposed to be a sniper, the archer can kill you from any distance. Until we see a nerf to the Shimada brother, which isn’t happening anytime soon, expect to see a lot of him.

McCree- Cowboys are great at going into fights alone. They have the grit of a warrior with nothing to lose, and flashbangs don’t hurt. McCree requires skillful aiming, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s possible to accomplish great things. There are plenty of perches or high-ground areas that you can use Deadeye on for a few kills. Not everyone is going to love playing him on Petra since he has no boosts to get around, but playing around the jump pad and spawn points can earn you a comically large number of kills.

Reaper- In terms of power level, Reaper is definitely below everyone else on this list. He earns a spot on the list because he’s just so much fun to play in this mode. Killing enemies over and over to fill up your Death Blossom meter, then going wild in the center with the Health Pack and a lot of enemies is the best feeling. I won my first Deathmatch because I used Reaper, so he holds a special place in my shallow heart.

What heroes are we missing? You know you want to tell us.

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