'Overwatch' Halloween Terror Start Time: When Can You Start Opening Loot Boxes?

The spookiest Overwatch event, Halloween Terror, is coming to a creepy castle near you. On Oct. 9, Ghouls and goblins of all sorts are jumping out of their tombs to serve Junkenstein and his legion of zombie-omnic hordes. Like every good Overwatch event, there will be skins galore that would entice even the crankiest mummy. Skins from the previous two years will return to loot boxes, along with a selection of new content for some of the game's most interesting heroes.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Start Time: What Time Does The Event Kick Off?

Waiting for a Blizzard event to start is always the hardest part. The Overwatch Halloween Terror event should start on Oct. 9 around 2 to 3 p.m. EDT. Blizzard hasn't given an exact time as to when the event will start, but that's the time the game usually gets patched. Blizzard can change the release time because of bugs or technical issues, though this has rarely happened.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Skins: All The Spooky Skins So Far

Blizzard really got creative with this year's skins, going all-out with the scary smiles and jack-o-lanterns. Slowly over the past week, Blizzard has been showing off the skins on the PlayOverwatch Twitter account. Here's everything that's been revealed; this post will be updated when more tweets are released.

Swamp Monster Doomfist

Just keep swimming.

Make a splash as SWAMP MONSTER DOOMFIST (Legendary)!

Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9! pic.twitter.com/aR4EC7Jmn7

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 3, 2018

I can't believe they didn't call this skin Doomfish. That is literally the best opportunity for a pun I've ever seen and they still turned it down. Next year, I'm expecting some better word play out of your skins team Overwatch .

Banshee Moira

An ominous portent.

Haunt down your enemies as BANSHEE MOIRA (Legendary)!

Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9! pic.twitter.com/wqVYQHd64P

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 4, 2018

My favorite skin of the bunch looks absolutely terrifying. That make-up on her skin shows off the true horror of a bad healer. I can already see my games being filled with angry Moira ghosts who just want to teleport around the map spamming their laugh rather than healing. Just the thought of it gives me the chills.

Spider Widowmaker

"I will haul them into my web." 🕸️

Take SPIDER WIDOWMAKER (Epic) for a spin next week!

Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9! pic.twitter.com/bVpr0iewJS

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 5, 2018

Widowmaker has been playing the new Spider-Man game on PS4 and almost has the game completed. She just needs a few more Black Cat tokens, but sitting on rooftops without shooting at people really bothers her.

Enchanted Armor Pharah

That's the spirit.

BOO-P your enemies as ENCHANTED ARMOR PHARAH (Legendary)!

Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9! pic.twitter.com/BB53w57yeV

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 6, 2018

Want to play Pharah without a human body? Well this skin is perfect for you. EAP is the first skin of the rocketeer pilot without anyone inside her armor, which is absolutely insane. Blizzard has been stepping up their skins game, I never thought this would have been possible when the game first launched.

Jack-O- Lantern Wrecking Ball

Now it's time to get PUMPED up!

Squash your enemies as JACK-O'-LANTERN WRECKING BALL (Legendary)!

Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9! pic.twitter.com/fswMQFP2gY

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 8, 2018

When Hammond was first revealed, fans were hoping for a Cinderella-inspired skin. One where the hamster is in a dress and his robot walker was the pumpkin waiting to take him to the ball. This might not be as enchanted as what fans were hoping for, but it's just as awesome. That fur-pattern around his mouth giving off a grimace is adorable and terrifying at the same time.

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