'Overwatch' Necros Caught Cheating, But Did He?

A top Grandmaster Genji main, Necros, has come under fire after a clip from his stream seemed too good to be true. Originally shared by Dallas Fuel player Taimou, the clip in question hit the top of the LiveStreamFails subreddit with more than 2,000 upvotes and has been viewed nearly 200,000 times. Taken from Necros' stream, it shows the player killing a Zenyatta, quickly dodging a Reinhardt hammer, then "quick locking" onto a Junkrat in the sky. The gameplay shown in the clip feels inhuman; there's seemingly no way reflexes could be that accurate without some form of aimbot.

Keep grinding that muscle memory bro 💪💪💪👌👌👌🤟🤟 https://t.co/gnSjdY6exP

How is this guy not banned after 2 years of cheating always amazes me.

— Taimou (@DF_Taimou) June 19, 2018

The reddit community quickly grabbed their pitchforks and condemned Necros. "That's like not even 0.25ms of time before he snaps directly onto the target in the air def not human reaction times," user lv1vagabond wrote on the post. "Yea no way, get this guy out," replied Brockmister .

"There's been a ton of controversy," Necros said on his Twitch stream in response to the controversy. "I don't really give a fuck because I'm legit... It kind of sucks to get hated on but I'm used to it." He claims the motion seen in the clip is the result of flicking his wrists, which just happened to align perfectly with the enemy Junkrat. Though hard to believe, it is entirely possible that he did perform that play legitimately without the use of any script.

People who use aimbots or tracking software can be hard to spot. Determining when a player is using a crutch or when they're just really good has been a problem in many online gaming communities. Hi Im Gosu, a League of Legends streamer, had an unfortunate bug happen in a game which many players (pro and viewer) claimed was a script. The rumor was quickly debunked, but he faced a significant amount of harassment anyway.

Can't wait to prove all these people wrong.
It's gonna be so satisfying.

— Necros (@necros_ow) June 20, 2018

Newsweek has reached out to Blizzard and Twitch for comment, and will update with any response.