‘Overwatch’ Rialto Map Hitting PTR

Overwatch is adding the hugely popular Rialto map to the PTR, allowing fans to fight where Blackwatch had it’s most infamous mission. The Venice map no longer has Talon against running amok and is now a daytime environment. It’s an Escort map, meaning you’ll be moving a Payload inches at a time while your teammates.

overwatch, new, map, rialto, ptr, patch, notes Rialto, Overwatch's newest map. Blizzard

If you’ve been loving Retribution, like I have, this is great news. It’s a treat going around Rialto and discovering all the objects hidden in plain sight. There’s a whole museum full of weird, moving objects that really aren’t explained. Why is there a rotating rock in this palace of a room, and what purpose does it serve? We probably aren’t going to find out the answer, to those kinds of questions, after all, we still don’t know what the robots on Oasis are scanning those black rocks for.

Rialto will most likely be hitting live servers in the next few weeks, unless Blizzard decides it needs more tweaking before being unleashed upon the world. It doesn’t seem likely, since Retribution already tests the limitations of the map, but Blizzard has proven anything is possible.

If you haven’t already, you have until April 30 to try the Retribution game mode during the Archives event.

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