'Overwatch' Retribution Guide: Expert Tips For: Saving the World

It's been a few days since Overwatch launched its newest Archives event, expanding the lore behind fan's favorite heroes. I've been playing the Retribution game mode, where you take a control of Blackwatch in their most secretive mission, and it's an absolute blast. Horde modes, where you and your allies slay hundreds of A.I.enemy waves are some of the most fun a guy with terrible aim can have in a shooter.

If you've been having some trouble beating Retribution, allow Newsweek to give you some tips. These will work for beginners but are also essential to legendary gameplay as well. For those hoping to grab the "Quiet Night" Expert Achievement, this guide should help you with that.

Overwatch Retribution: Tips For Beating Retribution in Normal, Hard, Expert & Legendary Mode

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Moira is ready to slay Talon agents Blizzard
  • Room 1: Use Cover - Unlike Uprising, there are no tanks on the Blackwatch team. The heroes you pick need to use cover. Troopers might not have a lot of health, but it's easy for them to swarm over you and kill your whole party. I personally prefer Reaper because I can phase out of danger and take the fight straight to the enemy.
  • Escaping The Vault: Group Up - To escape the first room I recommend grouping around the left or right side hallways, depending on where the enemies spawn. Eventually, they'll drop from the ceiling, allowing for a good Death Blossom to clear them all out. Completing this section on anything but Legendary is extremely easy, just make you don't leave your allies along and unprotected.
  • Talon Agents: Aim For The Head - Once you burst out of the bank vault, the game really starts. Talon agents flood you from every side, with more powerful Enforcer agents looking for a kill. Aim for the brutes' heads and they should go down easier than you'd expect. Talon agents come down the floating boats on the river, so it's easiest to take them out while they're still grouped together.
  • Mini Boss #1: Defeat The Sniper - There are three minibosses in Retribution. The Sniper is the first and also the easiest. The obvious Widowmaker in Talon garb will perch herself on top of a building or tower and shoot away. Just one shot on some of the higher difficulties is enough to take you out, so be careful when engaging her. McCree's Flashbang knocks her out, allowing the rest of the team to jump on an easy kill.
  • Mini Boss #2 Defeat The Assassin - Next up is the hardest mini boss for those of us that can't aim, the Assassin. This agent that looks like Zed from League of Legends can blink around the map, bouncing on walls before attacking an ally. She will pounce on an the closest ally, chunking and immobilizing them with her blades. The Assassin won't stop slapping until she's dead or you can hit her with a melee attack. On some of the lower difficulties, you can use an ally as bait and then blast her to shreds, but on Legendary she'll just kill everyone.
  • Mini Boss #3: Defeat Heavy Assault - This is the most difficult boss, but still easy enough to defeat. His massive cannons will shred your tiny health bars, meaning you'll need to use cover to survive. Attacking him from behind deals more damage, so a flank can give you an edge.
  • Final Withdrawal: Utilize The Tower - During the final withdrawal, every enemy will attack you at once. Use the tower with dinner tables as a perch to engage on enemy bosses. Keep in mind that falling in the water will kill you and the game might glitch you and put your body in an area that can't be restored.
  • End Game: Don't Forget The Dropship! - Please for the love of all that's holy, actually jump onto the dropship. I've seen so many allies die because they just didn't get to the ship on time, forcing one of us to go out and rescue them. Don't be a dick, jump on the ship.

These tips will help you beat Retribution on Beginner through Legendary mode, but EliteVeyron on reddit goes into much more detail on the nuances of each wave.